Baby Yoda drawn by more artists and thus continue with the viral

Baby yoda

The Baby Yoda left us almost dumbfounded for being the cutest thing and squishy that we’ve seen in a long time. And it is now that a lot of artists have come together to give their own vision through their hand of that Baby Yoda that continues to make us fools.

The Mandalorian is a new Disney Plus series, the new streaming service to Netflix or HBO, and who has surprised everyone by containing Baby Yoda. While the television series looks pretty, one of its protagonists has become the one who has become a trend and has gone viral.

Jon Favreau was the one who revealed his Baby Yoda concept and we can almost say that Twitter burned with the madness of being able to see that Baby that is capable of bringing tenderness to the coldest person on the planet.

Baby yoda

At the moment we do not know the true identity of this cute character, although we do has been related as “the boy” in The Mandalorian. In other words, it cannot be the Yoda we know, since he died in Return of the Jedi, and in this new series on Disney Plus it takes us five years after the movie.

Now we have a large number of artists who have become fans and they have gone to work with pencil in hand to demonstrate their skill and passion for Baby Yoda at the same time.

There are of all types, and what to say that we keep the original and of which are the first images that we share in these lines. By the way, don’t miss these deck chairs that are practically one of the ships used by the Imperials. And of course, we are not going to tell you what they are, but they will surprise you a lot.

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