Banksy London Underground

A video in which we can finally see Banksy doing his thing with those graffiti, and that this time there are numerous rats with masks in the London Underground. It seems incredible that we can see him in action with all the uncertainty behind his figure, since until now his works had always appeared on a mural, but without knowing anything about him.

With a hood you can see him as a London Underground car illustrates by posing as an operator of the same. A scene that has attracted a lot of attention for seeing him in motion and that you can see below from his Instagram account.

He has also posted a message with background: “If you don’t wear a mask, you haven’t caught it yet”. In that video that you can see below and in which we have more than a few seconds to see him with his hood and how he illustrates the interior of the wagon with his numerous rats; who by the way also wear their masks.

A double message that makes Banksy’s intention clear and that it has been very prolific in recent months where the coronavirus has changed the social, individual and economic landscape of our planet.

Still Banksy keeps hiding his face, although at least now we can see his physique and thus draw a little more his physical image. Until now he has remained in the shadows without leaving a trace of his identity. And in fact there are many rumors if it is this or that graffiti artist. There will still be or perhaps we will never know who is really behind that operator clothing with which he has been able to work quietly in that carriage in the London Underground.

We will continue with that great drawing who honored the heroes toilets and his work that appeared with a mask from one day to the next.