Banksy Floyd racism

If there is something that Banksy usually does very well is to use plastic and visual expression to express a message. From his Instagram account he has posted a drawing in which he shows his rejection of the murder of George Floyd.

An image that perfectly indicates everything that happened these nearly fourteen days that people in America has taken to the streets. Racism is still very much alive in the supposed country of freedoms and on which Banksy has relied to demonstrate what there is today.

A drawing in which the black color takes center stage with that variety of dark gray tones. A candle and its wick beginning to burn the only existing color in his work and that is the United States flag.

A series of concepts that perfectly indicate what happened in these days and like the veil for Floyd’s death It has brought millions of Americans to the streets crying out for a change in the institutions and in a police force in which your skin color can mean that you are arrested or not.

Banksy drawing

We are in the year 2020 passing one of the worst pandemics And this respulsive act has meant that the streets of the United States can see all the colors of how to respond to a system in which the black color of your skin always means doubt for your person.

Another detail of that new Banksy drawing, which by the way left us delighted to show who the real superheroes of these days are, is the black silhouette of the one who is Floyd and that indicates how rough he is usually seen from the vertex of the racism and xenophobia. Other great Banksy artwork.