Colston to the river

As said, there are decades in which nothing happens and weeks in which decades pass. And if we have Banksy with these brilliant ideas, it is because we are facing weeks that will remain to be remembered for decades to come. Such is the case with the ingenious idea of Banksy stops Colston statue in Bristol.

Yes, that one that has passed through all the televisions around the world and that they collected some images and video in which people have taken Colston and literally thrown him into the river to the joy and revelry of the attendees. Attention to Banksy’s great idea.

If yesterday we were admiring the expressive capacity in images of Banksy, now we take our hats off to his ingenious idea to “please” everyone; although the creative’s own humor when saying “content” is clear.

Colston to the river

As the debate is now open to the possible options to recover the statue from the waters of the port, Banksy’s idea goes further. his suggestion is to return the statue to its place, but with the addition of other statues of the full-scale protesters pulling it down.

In other words, those who want return to your site they will, but in this ingenious way and that perfectly portrays the moment we are living in when the statue of a racist is pulled down, great? Do not you think?

Truly the idea of ​​and in which millions of people around the world have taken to the streets to show their contempt for the murder of George Floyd. Again Banksy surprises us with a great idea that we hope that in a few days we will be welcoming with another publication.