100 photo ideas for different hair lengths


  1. Short hairstyle with curls
  2. Stylish hairstyles for medium hair
  3. Hairstyles with curls for long hair
  4. Wedding hairstyles with curls
  5. Evening hairstyles with curls
  6. Easy hairstyles for every day

The image of a modern stylish girl consists of many details. Hair occupies almost the main role, since it is the hairstyle that is mainly paid attention to when meeting. For this reason, a lot of time is devoted to their appearance and grooming. Owners of curly or curly hair are especially lucky, because you can get a beautiful styling in just a few minutes. But even if you have straight, sleek hair, this is not a problem at all. After all, there are many options for hairstyles with curls for every day that you can do yourself.

Short hairstyle with curls

There is an opinion that it is impossible to do hairstyles on short hair. Of course, this largely depends on the original length of the hair. But in general, we can say that this is a myth. Simply, the choice of hairstyles for this hair length will be significantly less. The most popular are beach curls. They look especially stylish on short hair. In addition, this hairstyle allows you to maintain the careless effect that is still relevant today.

In any case, keep in mind the main rule: the larger the curlers, the more magnificent the hairstyle will be. At the same time, there will be a small amount of curls. Therefore, if you want to make a voluminous Afro hairstyle, it is better to use a curling iron with a minimum diameter.

Stylish hairstyles with curls for medium hair

Before starting to create a particular hairstyle, it is important to decide on the structure and thickness of the hair. This will help you choose the best option that will only emphasize your natural beauty. In general, it is believed that medium length hair is best for creating hairstyles for all tastes. Also, when choosing a hairstyle, you should pay attention to the shape of the face. Since lighter curls help to accentuate the expressive cheekbones, and curvier curls soften angular features. In turn, owners of a square face should not choose classic curls. They visually make the facial features heavier. In this case, the most optimal solution would be light, not too voluminous curls. With this hairstyle, the face will look the most attractive.

A low bun hairstyle is very popular for medium hair length. On curly hair, it looks incredibly beautiful, gentle and adds a touch of romance to the image. For an evening event, it can be decorated with small decorative details.

Hairstyles with curls for long hair

Long hair is probably the least suitable for complex, voluminous hairstyles. Especially if they are quite thick. Often, such hair does not hold any styling for too long and often causes a lot of inconvenience to its owner. Therefore, curls made with a curling iron are an ideal solution for evening events. Plus, they can look completely different depending on the thickness of the curling iron. The wider it is, the smoother the curls will be.

At home, you can achieve a similar effect with curlers or braids braided overnight. These methods allow you to make even smoother curls with a slight careless effect. If you wish, you can braid the waterfall braid to remove the hair from your face. This option looks gentle, so it is mostly done for a date, a wedding, or a romantic photo shoot.

Wedding hairstyles with curls

Many girls still associate solemn events with curls. This is not surprising, since every year this trend only strengthens its position. Therefore, for the wedding, almost all brides choose hairstyles based on curls. It is worth choosing the right option based not only on your preferences, but also depending on the style of the wedding dress. For example, if you purchased a mermaid-style dress, then a side hairstyle would be the perfect complement. For a classic A-line dress, a low or high bun is suitable.

If you are planning to change several outfits in different styles on this important day, you need to choose a universal hairstyle. Loose hair with large or small curls is one of the best solutions. The same can be said for the French waterfall hairstyle. In this case, the strands of hair are curled and, if desired, decorated with a small decor.

Evening hairstyles with curls

When choosing a hairstyle for an evening event, we recommend starting from the style of your outfit. For example, a simple, laconic dress can be complemented with a voluminous hairstyle with curls. Often it turns out to be incredibly lush and becomes the main focus of the image. Therefore, you should choose it only on condition that you are ready to be in the spotlight and accept the compliments of the people around you.

If the dress is more lush and has large decorative details, make sure that the hairstyle is neutral. Light loose curls or a bun are best suited.

Easy hairstyles with curls for every day

You can look attractive not only on holidays, but also every day. For example, a bun hairstyle does not require special skills, and you can even do it at home. To do this, you need to fluff up the curls, carefully collect them and secure them with hairpins. This option is ideal for everyday life. In the evening, you can stretch a few strands around your face for a more elegant hairstyle.

A braid-based hairstyle looks no less attractive. Moreover, it can be the simplest spikelet or a French braid. It is done only on part of the hair, so that the rest can be curled with a curling iron. If these hairstyles seem too complicated for you, do it with a ponytail. This is a great option for every day.

Stylish, romantic hairstyle with curls does not have to be done exclusively for the holidays. After all, curls allow you to experiment, creating many options for any occasion. Get inspired by a selection of ideas and try to implement at least one of them.

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