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  1. Spikelet hairstyle: advantages and disadvantages
  2. How to make a spikelet hairstyle?
  3. French spikelet: how to weave?
  4. Fashionable hairstyle: two spikelets
  5. Fishtail hairstyle
  6. Spikelet hairstyle around the head
  7. Spikelets for short hair

In the summer season, a variety of weaving becomes especially relevant. At the very least, these hairstyles collect hair beautifully and make the image more romantic. And of course, the feeling of comfort in everyday life becomes higher. How to learn how to weave a spikelet yourself? You will learn about this and much more right now.

Spikelet hairstyle: advantages and disadvantages

Each hairstyle, regardless of the complexity of its creation, has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have never made a spikelet, then pay attention to them. First of all, we note that this hairstyle is a universal solution for any occasion. Depending on the design style, the spikelet will be appropriate both in the office and at an evening event or a walk. The benefits also include comfort. Hair of any structure can always be braided into a spikelet and calmly do household chores or even do a workout. And of course, the attractiveness of such a hairstyle can hardly be overestimated. That only there is a French spikelet, which looks luxurious.

As such, there are practically no flaws in this hairstyle. Some girls note that it is quite difficult to make a spikelet on your own. This is true, but only at the beginning. Practice several times and then you will be able to do everything as quickly as possible. It will also be difficult at first for owners of curly hair. Remember that in this case it is especially important to comb them even while weaving.

How to make a spikelet hairstyle?

The classic spikelet is found most often, since this is the simplest and most basic hair styling option. It is not too complicated, so every girl will be able to do her own hairstyle without any problems. The main thing is to understand the nuances and practice a little.

Before starting work, be sure to comb your hair. Remember that clean and smooth hair plays a significant role in this case. Part a small section of hair at the crown and divide it into three sections. Then braid the classic braid, alternately adding one strand of strands on each side to the main braid. Most often, such a hairstyle is woven evenly, but if desired, it can be done on its side.

French spikelet: how to weave?

This type of weaving looks really luxurious. It is chosen for evening events, romantic dates and is most often done in a beauty salon. But in fact, this hairstyle is not at all complicated and you can do it yourself. First you need to prepare your hair, that is, comb it. Separate a small strand in the area where you plan to start weaving. Divide the strand into three sections and alternately cross the right and left sections with the center.

Please note that the strands should move under each other. It is due to this that it turns out to make a reverse spikelet. Gradually add a small strand of hair on each side with each binding.

When the hairstyle is ready, you can slightly stretch the strands for more volume. A spectacular French spikelet is ready! If you wish, you can always decorate it with an unusual elastic band, ribbon or hairpins with flowers. It all depends on what kind of event you are going to.

Fashionable hairstyle: two spikelets

Of course, classic weaving looks attractive in itself. But still, many girls prefer to experiment, styling their curls in different ways. For every day, for a walk, shopping or travel, a hairstyle consisting of two spikelets will be an excellent solution. They can be voluminous, standard, unusual in shape. It all depends on personal preference. Weaving in a slightly casual style also looks great. This hairstyle will definitely be comfortable for long-distance flights. Plus, when you dissolve them, you get beautiful, romantic curls.

Fishtail hairstyle

A very unusual, but no less attractive hairstyle based on a spikelet – “fishtail”. Its main difference is that only two strands are used for weaving, and not three. First, they must be crossed with each other. And then, pressing the base to the head, alternately add strands to the right and left, alternately crossing them. When the spikelet is ready, you can simply tie your hair into a ponytail or continue by braiding an unusual braid. This hairstyle will definitely not leave you unattended.

Spikelet hairstyle around the head

If you have already mastered the basics of classical weaving, it’s time to try more complex options. For example, a spikelet around the head looks impressive and at the same time allows you to remove hair from the face. First, we recommend combing your hair and only then start braiding. It is worth starting from the occipital zone from the bottom up. Separate a small section, divide it into three sections and start the process, adding hair one by one. When you reach the starting point, continue to weave the braid and secure it at the back of your head. It is best to use invisibility for this.

Spikelets for short hair

It used to be thought that short hair was not the best solution for girls. But in the modern world, masters suggest experimenting, making unusual dyes and hairstyles for any hair length. Therefore, spikelets are an excellent solution for women of fashion. Depending on the characteristics of the haircut, you can braid the spikelets on the sides and connect them together with the rest of the hair in a ponytail. Weaving looks great in the form of a rim. This option allows you to remove strands from the face and is suitable for both home and outdoor use. No less original will be a spikelet in the form of a malvinka or in combination with curls. Owners of a bob haircut can make a weave consisting of four or even five strands.

To look attractive in everyday life, it is not at all necessary to do complex styling with styling products every day. Spikelets of different shapes allow you to constantly experiment. Therefore, follow the step-by-step master classes, try new, original weaving.

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