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  1. The main nuances of hairstyles with a donut
  2. How to make a donut hairstyle?
  3. Hairstyles with a bagel for long hair

Lovers of doing hairstyles on their own should definitely have in their arsenal such an accessory as a donut. With its help, you can make complex, voluminous hairstyles, even if you are the owner of thin or not too long hair. Therefore, today we will talk about beautiful, but at the same time, simple hairstyles based on a donut.

The main nuances of hairstyles with a donut

First, we propose to figure out what is a donut? This is a special ring-shaped device made of mesh material. In specialized stores, there are many options for different diameters and colors. Thanks to this, you can choose the shade that best matches your hair color. A little less often you can see bagels with artificial strands. They also come in different shades and are great for those with short hair. In any case, it is important to choose the right accessory. The selection process largely depends on the length and thickness of the hair. For girls with hair up to the shoulder blades and below, you can safely purchase a large bagel, up to 10 cm in diameter. For short hair, it is better to buy a small bagel.

If it is not possible to purchase such an accessory, try making it yourself. Most often, girls use a high sock as a base. Keep in mind that the longer the top is, the easier it is to make a donut. First you need to trim the bottom of the sock. Then carefully twist the sock into a tube and secure with threads. Such a bun is no worse for experimenting with hair.

Before starting to create hairstyles, we recommend that you pay attention to the following nuances. First, you need to additionally purchase a set of invisibility. With their help, it will turn out to fix the donut. Classic hairpins will not work in this case. It is best to fix hair strands with them. Secondly, if you are the owner of fluffy or unruly hair, you will definitely need special tools in the process. These can be styling gels or mousses. They always make the hair softer, so the hairstyle will turn out much faster. If desired, you can additionally fix it with varnish. However, we recommend not to use too much.

How to make a donut hairstyle?

There is really no one-size-fits-all way to create a donut hairstyle. This is because they can be completely different. From light, casual, classic options to complex, voluminous hairstyles for an evening or even a wedding. In any case, it is worth doing a hairstyle on clean, combed hair. Thanks to this nuance, you will definitely look neat.

Classic hairstyle with a donut

Perhaps this is the easiest option for beginners to start with. First, the hair must be collected in a fairly tight ponytail and secured with an elastic band. Then a donut is put on the base of the tail and fixed with invisibility. In turn, each strand must be laid on a bagel. Pay attention to the fact that the hair should be smooth, and the tip of each strand must be fixed under the donut. Thanks to this, the hairstyle will be smooth, restrained. If you plan to achieve a slight negligence effect, you can stretch the strands a little.

Ballerina bunch

A hairstyle called a ballerina bun looks interesting in its own way. It is only suitable for long hair. First, the hair is divided into three sections, as shown in the photo. Gather one of them in a tail and fix it. On the other two, you can make a bouffant to make the hairstyle more voluminous. We put on a donut on the central part of the hair and evenly distribute all the strands around it. On top of it, you need to put on an elastic band that matches the color. Fix the ends of the hair with invisible ones. Style the side strands in such a way as to add lightness and volume to the hairstyle.

Hairstyle with pigtails

When you have already mastered the basic hairstyle with a donut, you can safely add original details. In this case, we suggest removing not all hair in a bun, but leaving a few strands at its base. Braid them into thin braids and wrap around the bun. For fixing, it is best to secure the ends with invisibility.

Hairstyles with a bagel for long hair

Girls with long hair often complain about the limited options for hairstyles. After all, many of them simply do not hold on to that length. Bagel is a great solution in this case. Thanks to its springy structure, it perfectly holds hair, regardless of its length. In addition, it allows you to implement a variety of hairstyles for every taste.

The simplest option in this case is a bundle with pigtails. Before you start creating it, wash your hair and wait until it dries. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of products that will soften them. This will greatly simplify the hairstyle creation process. Further, as in the classic version, you need to collect them in a tail and fix with an elastic band. Separately leave a few strands on opposite sides. Putting the bagel on top of the ponytail, wrap your hair around it. The remaining strands can simply be twisted around the bundle. Thanks to this, the hairstyle turns out to be strict, restrained. They are also often used to create braids of the required thickness and volume. Often fashionistas make French weaving, which gives the hairstyle a touch of romance. Be sure to fix the ends with invisible ones.

Please note that the beam does not have to be high. A rather popular option is a lower bun with a pigtail. First, you need to make side weaving and fix it with an elastic band at the bottom. Gather the remaining hair into a classic bun. Wrap the braid around the bundle and secure with invisibility. This hairstyle looks very beautiful.

In everyday life, many women of fashion lack variety in terms of hairstyles. Experiment with the bagel, try different options, add your own details, accessories and decorations.

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