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  1. Russian folk hairstyles: a little history
  2. Russian hairstyles: elegant braid
  3. Hairstyles in Russian style 2021
  4. Wedding Russian hairstyles

Much attention has long been given to hair. In Russian traditions, girls wore mostly long hair. In turn, hairstyles prevailed rather simple and practical. Basically, these are braids of various types in combination with ribbons and other decorations. This is the basis of Russian folk hairstyles. In the modern world, women of fashion also often choose traditional hair styling, but with a touch of individuality.

Russian folk hairstyles: a little history

In ancient Russia, girls’ hairstyles were not particularly original. They were regulated by church laws, so there were certain restrictions. For example, one braid was worn by girls, and two were braided by married women. In turn, the classic three-strand weave symbolized vitality and good health. Therefore, it is not surprising that the thicker and longer the braid was, the more attractive the girl was considered. Well, if a ribbon was woven into it, such a hairstyle was a sign of engagement or imminent marriage.

In the modern world, such hairstyles are also not uncommon. Basically, they are chosen by girls with a Slavic appearance, expressive facial features. Such weaves are best suited for young women of fashion, since they emphasize tenderness and beauty. In addition, now all girls can afford absolutely any hair length, as well as coloring and other procedures. All this visually transforms absolutely any hairstyle.

Russian hairstyles: elegant braid

As mentioned above, the main Russian hairstyle has always been a braid. Perhaps this is the simplest and most affordable styling option that every fashionista can easily do. However, now new additions are becoming more and more relevant, with the help of which the hairstyle can be made even more attractive. It can be a ribbon instead of a simple rubber band. A spikelet based on three or four strands looks great. It is more voluminous and elegant. And if you weave a thin ribbon into it, the hairstyle will look completely different.

Hairstyles in Russian style

In the modern world, hairstyles can be very different. However, if it is necessary to adhere to the Russian style, then there will be certain restrictions. Nevertheless, we have prepared a selection of the most beautiful, relevant options that go well even with a modern look. Get inspired by ideas and try to implement what you like, regardless of your hair length.

Braid headband

The hairstyle in the form of a braid rim is gaining more and more popularity. Moreover, there are really many options for its implementation. Basically one classic braid is used for it. However, if you want to make it more original, add new, interesting details. For example, you can make two or several braids at once. In this case, the hairstyle will definitely look more modern. A French braid looks very beautiful in the form of a rim. This is reverse weaving, which involves pulling strands. Due to this, the weaving is voluminous. And of course, do not forget about decorations in the form of ribbons of different shades.

Two braids

The hairstyle based on two braids has always been quite popular. In the modern world, she helps to make the image more delicate and sophisticated. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is chosen for romantic dates and photo shoots. However, the hairstyle can look completely different depending on the weaving itself. Classic braids are definitely suitable for everyday life. Because the hairstyle is laconic and goes well with all styles. An alternative can be French weaving, as well as in the fishtail style. An asymmetrical hairstyle is also very relevant. However, it should be done carefully so that the image does not look gaudy. If desired, the chosen hairstyle can always be supplemented with various ribbons, headbands and other decorations.

A bunch of hair

Over time, in addition to the classic braid, a bun-based hairstyle also became popular. It has remained relevant to this day. The basis of the hairstyle, of course, is braiding. A braid, twisted into a spiral, is laid in a bundle and decorated with various ribbons. Nowadays, every fashionista has access to a wide variety of hair ornaments. Among them are hairpins with pearls, hairpins with decorative stones, hoops with flowers from foamiran and much more. Naturally, a modern bun will only remotely resemble a classic Russian hairstyle.

Wedding Russian hairstyles

Russian weddings have always been distinguished by especially bright, colorful dresses, noisy celebrations and rituals. Attention was paid to literally every detail and this trend has continued to this day. Of course, a lot of time and attention was given to the hairstyle, as now. Mostly they were made on the basis of braids, as well as a variety of weaves. They were necessarily decorated with wreaths of fresh flowers, ribbons and other, sufficiently voluminous details. When hats were used, they were necessarily embroidered with luxurious patterns.

In the modern world, everything is somewhat different. Of course, lovers of the Russian style mostly keep the chosen style. That is, the hairstyles are complemented with all the decorations that were relevant earlier. But more and more often braids are made completely different. Among the most popular options are French or openwork weaving, spikelets and hairstyles based on curls. This visually transforms the hairstyle and makes it modern. However, thanks to the decorative details, it is possible to preserve the Russian style, which is so important for many brides.

In the modern world, there is practically no place left for national attributes. But still, despite this, many women of fashion are increasingly doing native Russian hairstyles. On well-groomed, long hair, they look incredibly beautiful and always attract attention.

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