100 photos of fashion ideas for different hair lengths


  1. Hairstyles with braids for short hair
  2. Hairstyles for medium length hair
  3. Hairstyles with braids for long hair
  4. Hairstyles for everyday life
  5. Wedding hairstyles
  6. Hairstyles with braids for girls

Beautiful, luxurious hair is the real value of every woman. Therefore, a lot of attention is always paid to them. In 2020, hairstyles with braids have become especially relevant. This is because with their help you can make an elegant, romantic, stylish and even slightly sloppy look. It depends on what kind of weaving to use in a particular case. Today we will tell you about the most popular options for hairstyles based on braids for owners of any hair length.

Hairstyles with braids for short hair

Regardless of fashion trends, short hair lengths are always popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that even in this case, beautiful weaving can be made. Two pigtails braided on the sides look very interesting. This hairstyle is comfortable, so it can be done for sports, shopping, walking and simple daily life.

A little more hairstyle options are available to owners of an elongated bob. For example, you can braid the front of your hair into a headband and leave the rest loose. Most often they are curled to make the hairstyle look more textured. This option is appropriate in any case, therefore it is especially popular with all fashionistas.

Hairstyles with braids for medium hair length

Today, the average hair length is considered the most versatile. Since they are not uncomfortable, they are ideal for experimenting with hairstyles. Among the simplest weaving options are classic and French braids. Many girls make them on their own without any problems. A little more complicated is the weaving of four strands. It is this braid that looks luxurious on hair of any thickness. For festive occasions, you can make a more complex hairstyle from two braids. In case you plan to create a romantic look, it is better to weave braids only to the back of the head. The rest of the strands can be curled with a curling iron. The result is a rather simple yet effective hairstyle. Also, many girls prefer to use a braid as the basis for a bun. Such hairstyles are often decorated with large beads or floral decorations. The hairstyle “headband” has become topical this year. It is suitable for any occasion and is generally considered one of the most versatile for any hair length.

Trendy hairstyles with braids for long hair

Owners of long hair often say that they can’t get a beautiful hairstyle with them. In fact, this is not the case, and experienced craftsmen regularly prove it. At home, you can make a French braid with elongated strands. If you have thick hair, your hairstyle will be voluminous and incredibly beautiful. Be sure that you will not be ignored by others. This option is suitable both for everyday life and for visiting certain events. Therefore, we recommend that you learn how to weave it yourself.Also for long hair, a snake-braided hairstyle is suitable. With this weaving, to a greater extent, the hair remains loose. Therefore, it is better to curl them with a curling iron or with a curler. This will create a romantic evening look. It is often made for photo shoots or dating in warm places. For lovers of lighter, messy hairstyles, we recommend braiding a not too tight braid and, if necessary, pulling out several strands.

Simple hairstyles with braids for everyday life

Undoubtedly, there are an incredibly large number of variations of hairstyles based on braids. But not every one of them will be appropriate in everyday life. In this case, simple, laconic hairstyles that do not require special skills become more relevant. If you wish, you can even do them yourself, you just need to practice a little.

Perhaps the simplest everyday hairstyle would be a classic sleek spikelet. Avoid carelessness, do not stretch strands and try to make the braid smooth. This hairstyle is great for study, work, walking, etc. The next option is a French spikelet. It differs from the previous one only in that it must be woven upside down. Due to this, it looks more voluminous. However, if you do not stretch the strands and weave tight enough, the hairstyle will look restrained and concise. In addition, after work, you can stretch out a few strands and you will immediately get a relaxed, evening version. There are many options for everyday braid-based hairstyles. Choose the best option for yourself and try to do it yourself. Popular hairstyles include a bun, an oblique braid, a waterfall with light curls, and more.

Wedding hairstyles with braids

Not many people know that wedding hairstyles are often made on the basis of weaves. This allows you to create incredibly beautiful, delicate options for every taste. For example, a braid combined with loose curls always gives tenderness and lightness to the image. In turn, the beam looks more restrained and even spectacular. But in this case, a lot depends on the availability of additional details and even the cut of the dress. All this must be taken into account to create the perfect image on such an important day.

Hairstyles with braids for girls

For young girls, braided hairstyles will always be relevant. Today there are many options for simple weaving that even a mother can make. Among the most popular options are braid horns. This hairstyle emphasizes the child’s age, mischief and spontaneity. Moreover, this is an excellent weaving not only for events, but also for every day. You can also make a classic spikelet or a French braid. Such weaving is suitable not only for adults, but also for children. In addition, you can always show your imagination and add a ribbon or choose a beautiful elastic band, hair clip. The young fashionista will definitely appreciate your efforts.

There are a limitless number of braided hairstyles. As you can see, even on the basis of simple and understandable weaves, you can make unique, luxurious hairstyles yourself. The main thing is to practice a little and always try something new.

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