100 photos of fashionable styling ideas for different lengths


  1. Features of corrugation
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Types of corrugation
  4. Short hair
  5. Average length
  6. Long hair
  7. Light hairstyles
  8. Beautiful hairstyles with corrugation
  9. Stylist tips

One of the options for self-expression for a woman is her hairstyle. By the type of styling, you can determine the character of the owner, her views on life and mood. The role of hairstyles is to complement and complete this or that image, however, many young ladies forget about the peculiarities of choosing styling for different face shapes, and sometimes create “masterpieces” on their hair that can ruin the whole appearance. Corrugation is very popular today, which is one of the fashionable methods of styling. Ripple on the hair is a great opportunity to diversify the usual hairstyle and create many interesting ideas that complement the image with new strokes and look very interesting.

Features of corrugation

Hairstyles with a corrugated effect are always more expressive than simple options, which allows you to make a woman’s image much brighter. Crimped hair combines wonderfully with many styles, and this feature makes it more and more popular every year. Also, due to its variety, such styling allows you to choose the perfect solution for any length and thickness of hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each type of styling has its own characteristics, which have positive and negative reviews. The advantages of corrugation include the ability to create additional volume on the hair and change the existing image. Hairstyles with a similar effect are durable and do not need additional fixation with styling products. Also, the proposed technique is notable for its availability, because to create a similar effect, it is enough to have forceps with special attachments. The disadvantages of this styling include thermal effects, which make hair brittle and dull, and the fact that such a hairstyle takes a lot of time.

Types of corrugation

As we mentioned above, the corrugation technique has its own varieties, and each of the options is suitable for a particular type of hair. Small corrugation is characterized by the greatest splendor, it is ideal for styling small strands in this way and creating root volume, but not recommended for styling thick or coarse hair. Medium ripple features slightly larger wave sizes and is versatile for all hair types and lengths. Large ripple looks less voluminous, is used to style long hair and allows you to create large waves, similar to romantic curls. Several options for corrugation look very interesting in one hairstyle, when a small corrugation can be made at the base, and the main part of the hair can be styled medium or large. Stylists do not recommend combining all three types of corrugation at the same time. Stop by choosing a couple of styles that suit your hair.

Short hair

The best option for styling short lengths is a shallow ripple. It can be done on all hair, creating an original afro effect, or simply highlight several strands with such an accent. An asymmetric corrugation looks very interesting on short hair, which implies performing a corrugation on one part of slightly combed strands. The rest of the hair remains straight.

Average length

All types of corrugation are available to owners of medium hair length, which allows young ladies to experiment with styling boldly. You can beautifully combine several types of techniques on your hair. At the same time, hair can be left loose or wavy locks can be combined with a tail or various weaves. The effect will surely please you.

Long hair

Young ladies with long hair are advised to use large corrugation, which creates a stunning wave effect on such a structure. In a similar way, you can decorate the entire head of hair or highlight just a few strands, which will allow you not to spend a lot of time on styling, noticeably refresh and transform your hairstyle. Also, the combination of medium and small ripple looks very good at a long length. Hair can be left loose, beautifully pinned on the sides or used as a “foundation” for weaving braids.

Light hairstyles

Styling options with corrugation are different, and you can do many of them yourself. One popular example is the tail. Stylists suggest using corrugation on all hair, gathered in a ponytail, or to arrange several strands in a similar way. A corrugated bun looks no less attractive, which looks fashionably casual and is formed with the help of a hair tie and a pair of hairpins. Does not require special skills in performing the “Malvina” hairstyle, which removes strands from the forehead and is quite suitable for styling the hair of a young fashionista. Loose hair with an original straight or zigzag parting, as well as hair with a wavy bangs laid on its side, look gorgeous.

Beautiful hairstyles with corrugation

The use of this interesting technique allows you to create incredibly beautiful hairstyles for special or special occasions. In some cases, this may simply be additional volume at the roots, which, as we mentioned above, lasts a long time and does not need to be fixed. In many cases, wavy hair is beautifully braided into voluminous braids, which can be additionally decorated with hairpins with jewelry, hairpins or ribbons. Common options are Greek-style braids, a French braid, a spikelet, an exquisite braid, a waterfall that allows you to collect the top strands, as well as hair styled in a voluminous bow, a shell and many other equally stunning ideas.

Stylist tips

Among the numerous recommendations from stylists on the choice and creation of hairstyles, we often receive advice on the care and restoration of hair after a particular procedure. Exposure to high temperatures on the hair structure during crimping also has consequences. Care procedures after such hairstyles are not complicated. If you practice frequent ironing, change your regular hair wash to a special moisturizing shampoo. Herbal decoctions, natural cosmetic oils and a variety of moisturizers for split hair are also very effective in restoring hair.

Original hairstyles with corrugation elements are suitable for young ladies of any age. Fashionable waves and volume corrugation can serve as an independent method of styling or serve as a basis for subsequent variations. In any of the examples, you will not find the best assistant in creating a stylish and fashionable hairstyle.

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