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  1. How to make a bun hairstyle?
  2. Bundle with pigtails
  3. Low beam
  4. High beam
  5. Wedding hairstyle

Each girl approaches the choice of hairstyle with special care. This is because it should emphasize facial features and be appropriate in one case or another. One of the most versatile options in 2020 is the bundle. This hairstyle is comfortable for everyday life. In addition, it is quite spectacular, so it is ideal for festive events. A bun-based hairstyle will complement almost any look and make it even more stylish. What options will be popular in 2020? You will learn about this and much more later.

How to make a bun hairstyle?

Recently, this hairstyle has become even more relevant, thanks to fashion trends. Stylists mainly focus on slight negligence, which is very easy to implement in such a hair design. In addition, every girl can make a bun, regardless of the length and thickness of her hair.

There are quite a few options for creating a bun hairstyle. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate option, we recommend focusing on your skills and image as a whole. After all, it is extremely important that the hairstyle looks harmonious with the outfit, accessories and makeup. Some people love a sleek bun that adds elegance. Others prefer a lighter version with a variety of weaves. In addition, the hairstyle can be low or high. And of course, they are almost always complemented with various hairpins, ribbons or scarves. This is the perfect solution for the summer season.

For everyday life, you can make a bundle yourself. This does not require special skills, it is enough to purchase elastic bands, hairpins and practice a little. Perhaps at first it will turn out to be a slightly sloppy version. Don’t worry, it’s all the rage right now. So, first you need to comb your hair and carefully collect it in a ponytail. Then braid or twist into a big rope and wrap around the base of the tail. For fastening, use pins or invisible pins. If you wish, you can loosen your hairstyle a little or stretch out a few strands. Such a bundle looks no less attractive if it is made on the basis of light curls.

Hairstyle in a bun with pigtails

As you know, braids always look romantic, regardless of the style of weaving. Therefore, they are often used as an addition to various hairstyles. For example, a bun with pigtails is the perfect combination. Since this hairstyle looks great not only in everyday life, but also as an option for the evening. Moreover, it can be designed in completely different ways. Active, energetic girls most often prefer spikelets that turn into a smooth bun. It goes well with basic casual looks. Loose, voluminous weaving, like a French spikelet, is a great option for gentle, romantic natures. Therefore, it is mainly chosen for dates, walks, photo sessions or even weddings.

Stylish hairstyle 2020: low bun

Perhaps it is the low beam that modern women of fashion predominantly choose. The thing is that it can be implemented on hair of any length and density. In addition, this option allows you to experiment, creating a wide variety of hairstyle variations. Someone prefers a sleek bun that will emphasize rigor and business style. Others prefer voluminous hairstyles based on curls with additions in the form of braiding or elongated strands. Often, this option is chosen by romantic or just girls in love. Also, a voluminous hairstyle is one of the most popular options for photo shoots and attending various events. Therefore, it is best to complement the image with large earrings. Due to such details, the image will turn out to be elegant, feminine and unique.

Refined hairstyle high bun

The hairstyle in view of the high bun is chosen a little less often. Since this option often looks restrained and attracts attention. Nevertheless, a lot depends on the style of design. Most often, masters use a bundle or donut as a basis. This allows you to add volume to your hair and get your hair done in just a few minutes. If desired, you can make it a little looser, and also add weaving. To do this, you do not need to collect all the hair in a bun, but leave a small strand. It is she who is used to form pigtails. Then you can wrap the bundle around it and secure it with invisible ones. This solution looks more original and even playful, thereby adding lightness to your look.

Bridal hairstyle bun

Every girl prepares for such a long-awaited day with special trepidation. It’s very important that everything is perfect. Therefore, special attention is paid to every detail of the image. As for the hairstyle, it is very important that it emphasizes the features of the face and looks harmonious with the dress. Therefore, it is so important to first try a variety of options. A bundle is one of the most versatile solutions that will suit every girl. The main thing is to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

A bunch in a careless technique of execution will make the image a little more relaxed. This option is most often chosen if the dress is flying, but at the same time elegant. To create such a hairstyle, most often the hair is curled into large curls. This is necessary in order to make it more voluminous and airy. After that, the hair is collected in a bun, pulling out several strands from the face and from the side. Such details always add romance to the image. If desired, you can add small jewelry with rhinestones or beads. This will be appropriate if there is no additional decor on the dress. Often, the hairstyle is decorated with special decorative flowers of a small size. Such details make the bride’s image even more sophisticated.

Hairstyle has always been one of the most important components of every girl’s image. That is why so much time is devoted to the process. After all, every fashionista dreams of looking perfect not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

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