100 Beautiful Quick and Simple hairstyles for girls


  1. High braid bun
  2. High braided ponytail
  3. Waves and curls for a holiday
  4. Ponytails with elastic bands
  5. Festive hairstyle flagella
  6. Festive weaving
  7. Holiday hairstyle waterfall
  8. Key Tips

Holiday hairstyles are a special section of hairdressing, especially when it comes to beautiful girls. On a solemn and idle day, any young fashionista wants to look beautiful and attractive. If for the usual everyday life we ​​choose ordinary and quick hairstyles, then for significant events it is worth choosing another option. And now we will provide the mothers with the best hairstyles for the holidays.

High braid bun

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair, on which you can make a voluminous braid. To complete it, you need only 2 elastic bands and a beautiful hair clip at your personal discretion. To perform an interesting styling, you need to collect your hair in a high ponytail and divide it into three parts to weave a braid. Then we wrap the braid around the base of the tail and fix it with an elastic band and hairpins so that it does not fly off. Loosen the strands a little for extra volume. Finish off with a hair clip.

High braided ponytail

When performing a beautiful holiday hairstyle for girls, it is simply impossible to do without weaving. This hairstyle can be done on long or medium hair. Tie a high ponytail and do a fish weave, bulky braid or plait. To complement the styling with solemnity, use elastic bands with decor, beautiful hairpins and invisible hairpins.

Waves and curls for a holiday

Girls with medium to long hair can do a great awesome wave hairstyle. You can create it using different methods. One of the most popular is cheating with a curling iron or iron. The use of curlers is also popular. The simplest and most gentle way for a child is considered to be wrapping with braids. Hair can be set slightly with hairspray for a longer effect. This hairstyle is best done if there are no active dances and games at the holiday, since the girl will be uncomfortable with her hair down.

Ponytails with elastic bands

For the smallest fashionistas, the best option for the holiday will be the execution of small tails with elastic bands. This hairstyle is simple, but it looks very beautiful and unusual. First you need to divide your hair into two parts along the parting and secure the upper part with elastic bands. Then we pick up the strand below and secure with another elastic band. So we carry out until the end. Another awesome and playful option is doing tall ponytails with multiple elastic bands. With this styling, the girl will not be disturbed by her hair, and the festive look will be completely completed.

Festive hairstyle flagella

It should be noted that the plaits look much more spectacular and charming than the usual weaving. This styling looks great in combination with the girl’s festive bow. To perform a beautiful hairstyle, you need to select a strand of hair on the right and perform a tourniquet. We collect the rest of the hair in a high ponytail and add a tourniquet to it. From the bulk of the hair, also perform a tourniquet and decorate the hairstyle with beautiful hairpins or hairpins. You can safely decorate any styling with tourniquets in order to diversify and decorate it a little. It is very important that the strands are uniform, otherwise the tourniquet will be sloppy and ridiculous. This hairstyle is very simple to perform, but at the same time it looks quite festive and interesting.

Festive weaving

Simple braiding that starts from the face is widely used for both everyday and holiday events. When accentuating a girl’s face, the image is incredibly cute and beautiful. When performing a hairstyle, all hair is combed back. You can do a French braid, reverse weaving, fishtail, harnesses and more. In this case, you can bring the weaving to any side or perform it straight. You can safely supplement such styling with headbands, hairpins, tiaras, hairpins or rubber bands with decor. The most important thing is that the child will feel comfortable during the active time spent at the holiday.

Holiday hairstyle waterfall

This hairstyle will look most appropriate on long hair. Such styling is widely used by adult girls and even women. But on children’s hair, it looks spectacular and attractive. When performing a waterfall, you need to slightly loosen the strands. But at the same time, the hairstyle should not fall apart after the girl’s active movements. To decorate the styling, make curls with a curling iron on each strand that runs between the horizontal curls. If desired, you can wind all the tips. Another great way to decorate is to use studs with a bead or rhinestones at each interval of the weave. Very often, this hairstyle is complemented with a small tiara. This element will make the girl a real princess of the occasion.

Key Tips

Holiday hairstyles for children differ significantly from adult hairstyles, which is why it is best to avoid creating complex voluminous hairstyles that will be difficult for a child. It should be borne in mind that children’s hairs are much thinner and weaker than adult strands. Also save the child from the abundant use of hairpins and hairpins. Choose the most beautiful, but lightweight holiday hairstyle. Avoid loose strands so that they do not climb into the face, do not constrain, thus, movements and do not cause discomfort. Excessively tight weaving should also be excluded. Next, we will showcase the very best options for holiday hairstyles.

Every mom should have in her arsenal some interesting hairstyle ideas for a festive event. We present photos of the most comfortable, beautiful and attractive holiday hairstyles for girls. Now it will be easier to choose. The most important thing is to choose the right decorations for styling, and then the girl will be the most beautiful at the holiday.

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