Beautiful evening hairstyles for long hair: 100 photos of the best ideas


  1. Stylish trends
  2. Hairstyles for face type
  3. Ponytail
  4. Hairstyles with braids
  5. Curls
  6. Pin-up hairstyle
  7. Refined beam
  8. Greek hairstyle
  9. Roman hairstyle

As you know, fashion is very capricious and changeable, but some elements still do not depend on it. Long hair, for example, will always be popular, because it adorns beautiful ladies regardless of age and is a symbol of femininity. Such a “treasure” of course requires careful care from the hostess, but in return provides a lot of opportunities for creating amazing hairstyles. Today we propose to discuss options for evening hairstyles for long hair, because it is this detail that is the basis for creating a harmonious image.

Stylish trends

The main characteristics of evening hairstyles 2020 are slight negligence, disheveledness and ease, which allow the young lady not to worry about an inappropriate look during a date or a special event. However, you should not get carried away with these facts, no one canceled professional hair styling. Long hair this year can be styled very exquisitely in a variety of buns, including sleek options and examples with released strands. No less relevant for long-haired young ladies are curls gathered in a tail and all kinds of weaving, which can both independently form a hairstyle and be combined with other ideas. This season, large curls, plaits and small hairs are involved in creating fashionable evening hairstyles. This and much more will be discussed in more detail below.

Hairstyles for face type

Choosing an evening hairstyle is a very important task. The chosen styling should emphasize the natural beauty, and skillfully hide flaws, if any. To do this, each young lady must take into account not only the atmosphere of the upcoming event, the style of the outfit, but also the type of her face. Owners of an oval face type can afford to choose almost any hairstyle. Ladies with a square face are not recommended to comb their hair too smoothly. Give preference to a small puff at the top of the head or voluminous hairstyles. Chubby ladies should pay attention to bunches with loose strands, high knots at the top of the head, bouffants at the top of the head and voluminous braids. Triangular face shape or “heart” shape, on the contrary, does not like flecks and volume. Retro waves or lightly disheveled will be the perfect choice in this case. A rectangular face will be decorated with curled curls raised up.


Such a proposal is no longer considered something common and familiar. Thanks to current trends, in 2020, ponytail hair can look glamorous and stylish. The tail can be high, low, or carried on the side. The usual severity and smoothness of such styling is interestingly diluted with a small fleece at the roots or strands wound on a curling iron with a large diameter. The options for decorating the tail with braids, which can be located all over the head or wrap around the base, look no less gorgeous.

Hairstyles with braids and braids

Styling long hair using a variety of braids this season has pushed back complex and multi-tiered weaves. Simplicity and sophistication are in fashion. You can safely build one voluminous braid on your hair and place it on the side or decorate your head with braids with elongated links on the sides. As before, the options for the French braid, the braid-waterfall, the dragon and the spikelet are relevant. Greek braids with ribbons, flowers and beautiful hairpins look very chic with evening dresses. The material for creating such a hairstyle can be both straight and smooth hair, and curly or lightly combed strands.


This example of styling long hair can be confidently called one of the easy ones. A little bit of fixing agent, papillots, curlers or styling tongs and your hair is ready. You can create voluminous curls on your hair or create small, elastic curls of your choice. Long hair with any curls looks amazing and will not leave you unattended. Additionally, you can beautifully pin the curls on the side or create a kind of “malvinka”, while using a variety of accessories.

Pin-up hairstyle

Such a proposal implies a special direction in a retro style, which is characterized by the obligatory presence of lush curls and a massive silhouette in the hairstyle, as well as bangs made in the form of a tube. The main constituent elements of the styling are considered to be curls, flecks and volumetric structures. A stylish addition to this vintage hairstyle is a scarf. The choice of styling in a similar style will add grace and nobility to the evening dress.

Refined beam

A bun hairstyle offers beautiful ladies many types of styling such an idea, which makes this simple styling method very popular. Hair can be combed smoothly or, conversely, look slightly disheveled. The bun can be located high on the top of the head, decorate the hair at the back of the head, or beautifully form on the side. For styling, you can use smooth, fluffy or curled curls as a “building material”. A bundle of “sloppy” plaits, pinned and decorated with accessories or a cute hair clip, looks no less original. Hairstyles of this type very exquisitely emphasize the line of the neck and neckline and look very feminine.

Greek hairstyle

To implement such an idea, you will need a special bandage around which the strands will be beautifully arranged during the design process. Styling involves a small fleece on the top of the head and can be done on curled hair. A similar idea is complemented by flowers, hairpins or other various accessories.

Roman hairstyle

No less attractive are the options for hairstyles made in the Roman style, the basis of which is curls twisted on papillotes. Hair can be styled according to the principle of Greek styling or curled strands can be pinned at the back of the head in a completely involuntary manner. For decoration, you can use decorated hairpins, which can directly fix the strands themselves, as well as all kinds of hairpins, chic tiaras or other accessories.

Long hair is a chic piece of jewelry in itself.

The owners of such “wealth” can only take care of their inheritance with dignity and show others their chic hair. The suggested examples of hairstyles, which we gladly shared with our readers today, will serve you as excellent helpers for this.

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