Beautiful hairstyles for girls (100 photos) for different hair lengths


  1. Hairstyles for short hair
  2. Medium length hair styling
  3. How to braid long hair
  4. Hairstyles with elastic bands
  5. Spikelet hairstyles
  6. Comfortable hairstyles for a schoolgirl
  7. Holiday hairstyles

Every mom who has a daughter, from an early age of her child, begins to face such a task as creating a hairstyle on children’s hair. Garden, school, celebration or an ordinary walk – what hairstyle to choose if one princess has long and thick hair, and the other has short and naughty curly locks? With these and other questions, we will try today with you to figure out our material, as well as get acquainted with amazing examples of hairstyles for girls for all occasions.

Original hairstyle ideas for little princesses for short hair

Hair of short length in most cases does not need additional styling, it is enough just to pin one or two strands on the side with a cute hair clip, decorate the head with a hoop, and the little fashionista is ready to conquer the world. However, often during the game or educational process, it becomes necessary to remove free curls from the face, which can interfere and distract the young lady. In such a situation, you cannot do without hairpins and elastic bands, because with their help you can create many different weaves and hairstyles based on ponytails and braids. The main secret of the success of such miniature masterpieces is a little sprinkling of fluffy curls with water from a spray bottle. After such a “moisturizing” fixation, the hair under the comb does not magnetise and the pigtails do not fall apart.

Hairstyles for girls for medium hair

This length is considered universal not only among the younger generation of beauties, but also among fashionable women much older. There are just a lot of interesting and practical hairstyles for medium length hair that will beautify your princess hair as much as possible.

Mommies can collect curls in a variety of ponytails, for example, creating whole compositions from them in the form of baskets. Your daughter will really like the hairstyles based on Malvinka, which allow not only to remove curls that interfere with the game, but also look very cute regardless of the thickness of the hair. Also, a no less original option is a variety of openwork weaves and hairstyles based on a spikelet braid.

How to braid long hair

Hairstyles based on long hair always look spectacular and beautiful, but they take a little more time to complete. All kinds of braids remain irreplaceable options for such a length, which are beautifully decorated with ribbons, multi-colored elastic bands, hairpins and neatly fit into a snail.

Using a little imagination, many ideas can be created on the basis of an ordinary ponytail, which can decorate hair as an independent styling, can serve as an excellent basis for a bun or braiding in an unusual way. Also, very many girls like hairstyles with loose hair or strands slightly pinned on the sides in the form of a malvinka. Such styling provides young ladies with the opportunity to fully demonstrate to those around them their extraordinary hair.

Hairstyles with elastic bands

Red, blue, green, lemon and lilac, striped, with flowers, with cartoon characters and bows – it’s all about hair ties. Yes, you are not mistaken. Choosing such an accessory is a whole art, but you will definitely like the result. Thanks to this variety, you can easily style your hairstyle to match any color of your princess’s outfit, and this is the key to a good mood for the whole day! Elastic bands play the role of an integral assistant for styling hair of different lengths and perfectly hold not only the ends of braids and ponytails.

Spikelet hairstyles

We have already mentioned above that such a kind of weaving as a spikelet can serve as an excellent start for the implementation of many other ideas, which deserves a separate discussion of its incredible abilities today. And we will start, perhaps, with the fact that the spikelet is performed in many ways, including the original French weaving, the inverted braid, the gathered spikelet, the spikelet hairstyle on the side and many similar variations.

The French spikelet differs from the others in its elongated links, and looks incredibly beautiful in children’s hairstyles, giving them additional volume.

The inverted method is weaving “in reverse”, and the resulting pigtails in the form of a wheat spikelet very gracefully decorate children’s curls.

Mothers can neatly braid such braids on the sides, they can collect hair along the forehead in one of the ways, creating a kind of corolla or a rim on the head, or they can beautifully combine several thin weaves into one and decorate the structure with a beautiful hair clip.

We select a beautiful and comfortable hairstyle for a schoolgirl

Many of the proposed ideas can perfectly decorate the hair of a school-age girl. The requirements for school hairstyles are simple and do not imply special skills from the mother or grandmother. All styling should be based on the comfort of the student and on the neat appearance. A girl should not be distracted by strands covering her eyes or by hairpins or elastic bands that tighten her hair.

Braids, tails, neat buns and many other examples of hairstyles can be decorated with unobtrusive accessories on ordinary days, and for a festive occasion with more festive hairpins, ribbons or bows. If the schedule includes sports, then you should take care of your loose hair in advance and opt for a more comfortable option.

Party hairstyles for girls

In the life of every child there are festive and solemn events: birthdays, performances at concerts, graduations and so on. And accordingly, all girls, without exception, dream to look irresistible and outshine all girlfriends. The hairstyle for such cases should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and not too complicated. No tied hair or heavy use of hairpins, everything in moderation.

Any weaving, curls, curls or flagella must be complemented by beautiful hairpins, flowers, wreaths, hoops, combs and similar decor. Ribbons, pearls, tiaras should not overload the children’s hairstyle, but they must also preserve the appearance of the styling well until the end of the event.

Many mothers skillfully think over the styling design for their girl in advance, and, based on the characteristics of her hair, create original hairstyles that can easily combine several options and can be modernized during the celebration. For example, loose curled curls are easily formed into a tail, pinned up with several hairpins or twisted into a chic bun, and openwork weaving easily becomes loose fluffy strands.

Any mom, using a little imagination, can learn how to make a lot of different hairstyles for her daughter, which will be relevant for an important event or for every day. The main criteria are for your fashionista to like the hairstyle, cheer her up and not cause a feeling of discomfort, because pulled strands or massive accessories can ruin any event, and not only for your child. The task of the mother is to listen to the opinion of the girl and correctly maintain the balance of convenience, comfort and beauty.

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