Bob haircut 2020 (100 photos)


  1. Main features and types of hairstyles
  2. Bob for short hair
  3. Bob for medium hair
  4. Bob car
  5. Asymmetrical bob
  6. Elongated bob

A modern, stylish look is not only about choosing clothes. Today it has a much deeper meaning, consisting of many details. First of all, the visual perception of each girl is influenced by the hair, namely, their condition and hairstyle. Therefore, special attention should be paid to caring for them and choosing the most suitable haircut. In 2020, the bob hairstyle became popular again. We will talk about its features, as well as advantages and disadvantages right now.

Bob hairstyle: main features and varieties

Despite the rather great popularity of this haircut, many still do not understand its main differences from other options. In the classic solution for haircuts, longer strands should remain on the face, and shortened on the back of the head. At the same time, due to the technique, the hairstyle has a beautiful shape with the most natural volume.

Of course, the classic version will always be relevant, since it is the most versatile solution for many girls. At the same time, for those who are ready for more daring experiments, we recommend taking a closer look at other types of haircuts. This will allow you to present the image in a new way and make it unusual. In 2020, among them, a graduated, asymmetrical bob, as well as a haircut with lengthening, became relevant.

Among the advantages of a bob hairstyle is the ability to correct facial features. Thanks to the shape and technology of the haircut, each hairdresser can arrange the strands in such a way that they emphasize the eyes or visually change the shape of the face. Holders of a round face quite often choose this haircut to make it visually more elongated. And, of course, styling will not take too long. A hairdryer, a special comb and a little foam will provide you with a stylish hairstyle in just a few minutes. A more festive hairstyle will take a little more time and tools. But in any case, the process will not be too long.

Stylish bob hairstyle for short hair

Those with short hair will definitely love the bob cut. She is fashionable, bold and certainly will not leave you without the attention of others. But keep in mind that in this case, it is extremely important to focus on facial features. After all, the image as a whole should look harmonious. As for the process of creating such a hairstyle, the master implements the bob at the expense of layering. Thanks to this technique, the haircut is suitable for any hair density. This is a significant advantage for many girls. In addition, the hair will grow back in such a way that the hairstyle remains attractive. That is, a short bob will gradually become medium, while not requiring any effort in terms of grooming and cutting.

By the way, many girls refuse an even cut in order to make the hairstyle look a little more casual. This is not a matter of principle, so be guided by personal preference. For example, for everyday life, if you work in an office, it is better to choose the more restrictive option. At the same time, for vacation or travel, you can opt for an asymmetrical solution.

Bob hairstyle for medium hair

As you know, medium hair length is the most popular and versatile. This is because it allows you to create a variety of styling, hairstyles and, if necessary, make a variety of haircuts. In addition, the masters always note that there are also significantly more staining options. In 2020, we recommend taking a closer look at a bob haircut for medium hair length. Thanks to this solution, every girl will look new without the need for drastic changes. If you wish, you can complement the image with asymmetric strands, refresh with bangs or careless styling.

Playful bob-caret hairstyle

Despite the huge popularity of the bob haircut, the bob-bob hairstyle has become especially fashionable. It combines a certain restraint, elegance and playfulness, as well as audacity due to graduation. Such a haircut looks bold, interesting, so the image will never be simple and boring. According to hairdressers, this is not difficult to achieve. After all, in the beginning it is necessary to adhere to the classical technique and an even cut. And to achieve texture, it is enough to make thinning and graduation of the strands. Of course, it will take a little longer, but the result is definitely worth it.

Asymmetrical bob 2020

Modern women of fashion quite often choose experiments. And not only in clothes, but also in the choice of haircuts. Therefore, the asymmetrical bob quickly regained its popularity. Multilevel transitions of strands instantly transform the usual hairstyle, making it more daring. But keep in mind that asymmetry can also be different. A smooth transition will look restrained. Sometimes this option is more comfortable for everyday life. But if you want drastic changes, then choose a sharp transition in hair length.

Long bob hairstyle

As mentioned above, a classic hairstyle will always look stylish. However, this does not mean at all that it is necessary to abandon more daring, but desirable decisions. For example, a haircut in the form of an elongated bob-bob looks quite restrained, but at the same time dilutes the usual image. Much depends on the type of lengthening. Some people like a smooth cut, others prefer bold solutions. In any case, we recommend that you consult with a stylist-hairdresser, who will recommend the best option for you. It is very important that the haircut remains appropriate for any occasion and work is no exception. For this reason, famous women of our time choose her.

Bob has undoubtedly become one of the most stylish, worthy haircuts for modern fashionistas. After all, this allows you to look unusual in everyday life and at the same time be able to change your image from time to time. And solely due to the method of styling.

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