Do-it-yourself hairstyle for long hair: 100 photos of the best ideas


  1. Luxurious tail options
  2. Greek motives
  3. Delightful weaves
  4. Retro styling

It is not easy for owners of long luxurious hair to keep track of their hair. After all, it is very important that the styling looks well-groomed and neat. Stylists have prepared an incredible variety of hairstyles for girls with this hair length that you can do yourself.

Luxurious tail options

Graceful do-it-yourself tails for long hair

For every girl, the ponytail is considered the most versatile and favorite hairstyle. After all, this is one of the simplest hairstyles that you can whip up. The execution of tails is very helpful for girls with long hair, because so luxurious hair is collected and does not interfere with everyday life.

Luxurious low ponytail for long hair

This is the simplest and most practical hairstyle that can be done quickly with your own hands. She gives the girl elegance and severity. This styling can be used for all occasions. The hairstyle is done in a classic way. But first, a strand is separated from the front of the head, with which an elastic band is wrapped at the end, fixing the tail.

Elegant low ponytail with harnesses

This hairstyle is appropriate for both working days and evening relaxation. To complete the hairstyle, it is necessary to separate a small strand on one side of the head and twist it into a bundle to bring it to the opposite side, while adding new strands. Finally, fix the hairstyle with an elastic band or hairpin.

Lovely high ponytail with a braid

This is a very simple and graceful hairstyle for long hair. To complete it, you need to braid a standard high tail, separate a small strand from it and braid a pigtail from it. Then we wrap the elastic with a pigtail made and fix it with an invisible one. An easy and unusual hairstyle is ready.

Refined ponytail with a voluminous top

If there is a need to complete an elegant hairstyle in a short period of time, then a voluminous ponytail is great. To do this, you need to braid a classic tail and slightly fluff it up near the face, while the hair in the temple area remains smoothly combed. The tail itself should also be combed. Fix the effect with hairspray.

Greek motives to herself on long hair

Greek hairstyles for long hair look very attractive, romantic and gentle. They give the girl a special charm and harmony. Such styling is very easy to do on your own.

Greek tail

To do this, you must first wind the hair and collect it in a ponytail. In order to add volume to the hairstyle, a little bouffant should be done. By decorating a simple styling with jewelry and additional decor, you can get a wonderful evening hairstyle.

Classic Greek hairstyle with a bandage

There are several options for performing this hairstyle and they are all incredibly attractive and luxurious. A necessary element for styling is a special Greek dressing. One of the options is the twisting of the harnesses; they need to be laid under an elastic band. Another option involves the partial use of a lock, with this method, part of the hair remains free.

Do-it-yourself delightful weaves on long hair

Various weaves always give a girl a special charm and sophistication. Some weaves are quite difficult to perform, but there are also easier options.

French braid

This hairstyle has been incredibly popular for many years, it looks playful and aristocratic at the same time. Another plus is that she stays on her head for a long time and does not lose her well-groomed appearance. Before braiding, you need to add extra volume to your hair with a fleece. This weaving is quite simple. Another weaving option is making a braid headband. You can braid the braid in an inverted form, this method looks very feminine and harmonious.

Braid “Chinese staircase”

An incredible trend is the Chinese braid. At first glance, it looks very complicated, but in reality everything is much simpler. To prevent long hair from getting tangled up, braiding should be done on wet hair. First you need to do a regular tail at any height. On one side of the head, you need to separate a strand and make a loop out of it. Such weaving looks very unusual and attractive. The hairstyle is appropriate for various events and looks.

Retro styling for long hair to herself

Retro hairstyles are incredibly popular for evening and classic looks. Such styling looks incredibly graceful and attractive. Moreover, they can be easily performed independently at home.

Amazing retro hairstyle for long hair with bangs

When performing a hairstyle, the bangs will be quite voluminous, which gives the overall image luxury and beauty. You need to tie a high ponytail of hair, then use a hair roller to make a bun. It is necessary to gently straighten the hair on the roller so that the hairstyle looks neat and well-groomed. The resulting bundle can be decorated with ribbons or bandages.

Retro styling in the style of Brigitte Bardot

Retro hairstyles are considered classics. Most often they are used for special occasions. To do it, you should separate the upper part of the hair and make a bouffant. In this case, do not forget about the means of fixation. We tie the rest of the hair at the back of the head in a loose ponytail. Tie a ribbon on top of the tail. Delicate and romantic hairstyle is ready. If you wish, you can wind the tail with a curling iron or curlers.

Hairstyles for long hair can even be done independently. This will significantly save time when creating an image for everyday and special occasions. So experiment with your hairstyles and look great in any situation.

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