Hairstyles for girls for long hair: 100 photos of new ideas


  1. Major trends
  2. Everyday hairstyles
  3. Hairstyles in the kindergarten
  4. Practical hairstyles for school
  5. Holiday hairstyles
  6. Hairstyles with bangs

For every mother, the most important thing is her children, which is why they pay so much attention to the appearance of their child. The daughter’s appearance requires special care. Everything should be perfect here, and this list first of all includes a hairstyle. There are a lot of hairstyles for girls, especially if the baby has long hair. Next, we will share the most fashionable and stylish hairstyles for any type of event.

The main hairstyle trends for girls with long hair

When doing hairstyles, you should immediately pay attention to some rules. A hairstyle for a girl should be comfortable, beautiful, and at the same time not tighten the scalp, so as not to cause discomfort. Of course, one should not exclude the fact that when performing a hairstyle, it will take more time for a given hair length, but the effect will be stunning. The most suitable styling options will be various weaves, bunches or unusual tails.

Children’s casual hairstyles for long hair

Performing everyday hairstyles requires a special and careful approach. Such styling options for girls should be easy to perform, comfortable, and at the same time have a beautiful appearance. For everyday occasions, the most popular and relevant hairstyles will be a ponytail, bun or loose hair. Very often you want to do something unusual, rather than just straight strands, then you should make a gentle and neat weaving “lace rim”. When performing a hairstyle, a strand of medium width is separated from either side and a French braid is braided with the capture of small strands from the common part of the hair. Thus, a hairstyle is obtained that prevents hair from getting on the face. Another great option would be to do a fishtail on long hair. To do this, you just need to braid the tail and perform light weaving from thin strands.

Hairstyles for girls in the long hair garden

Long hair needs special care, and before you send your child to kindergarten, you need to tidy up her luxurious curls. For young ladies, first of all, it is important that the hairstyle does not constrain movement and does not interfere, because at this age girls still cannot correct their hair on their own. One of the most suitable and versatile options for hairstyles in the kindergarten will be the “noble wreath”. To do this, you need to divide the hair into two parts and, starting from the ear, twist the bundles, securing with hairpins. When the weave is crossed, we fix it with rubber and wrap the rest of the tail under the elastic. At the end, gently straighten the hair, and a comfortable hairstyle is ready.

Another good option for long hair is the Mickey Mouse hairstyle. To do this, you need to perform two buns from high tails. We divide the rest of the hair into 3 parts, then comb each part a little and put it in turn inside the bun, straightening it. We repeat in the same way with the second bun. The hairstyle can be complemented with a cute bow or hair clip. Thus, long hair will not get tousled, and will also maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance throughout the day.

Practical hairstyles for long hair to school

The most practical hairstyle for long hair is considered to be a pigtail or ponytail. To make this styling more interesting and unusual, you need to braid the usual ponytail and hide the elastic with a free strand. Next, we take silicone rubber bands and tie them around the entire tail at approximately the same distance from each other. To give the ponytail volume, you need to fluff it up a little. A fluffy French braid looks very cute and neat. This hairstyle can be complemented with hairpins or decorative hairpins. Another option for this weaving will be the implementation of a voluminous flower from a braided tail in a similar way. This hairstyle looks very unusual and beautiful.

For older schoolgirls, stylists offer waterfall braiding for long hair. When doing a hairstyle, most of the hair will be loose, so younger girls are not very comfortable and comfortable with this weaving. You can start doing braids from either side of the head and at any level. There is nothing complicated in the technology of performing the laying of a waterfall. You need to start weaving a regular braid, and then gradually add small strands. With such a hairstyle, you can safely combine various school decor.

Holiday hairstyles for girls for long hair

For special festive events, there must be appropriate styling. The most popular styling for this length is certainly considered curled curls. This can be done in various ways: using curlers, ironing or curling iron. When complementing the luxurious styling with decorative elements, you get incredible styling for any event. If a girl prefers collected styling, then a ponytail with a hair bow would be an excellent option. To do this, you need to separate a small part of the hair on top of the head and braid a regular ponytail, while the rest of the hair remains free. Now make a hair loop, secure it with a small strand of hair and hairpins. Then we straighten both sides of the bow and fasten it with invisible ones, and wrap the remaining tail around the weaving and wind it.

Another collected and interesting hairstyle for long hair is the “big bump”. To complete the hairstyle, separate a small strand in the middle of the head and make a bun out of it with a donut. Now we divide the loose hair in front into two parts and comb it lightly. These strands need to be laid around the bundle, thus giving it extra volume. We also comb the lower part of the hair and smoothen it up with the last layer. Do not forget to fix each layer with hairpins and hairspray.

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Bangs are not at all a hindrance when doing any hairstyles. Some styling even looks more attractive and elegant with this haircut element. Therefore, you can safely combine any hairstyles with bangs.

Every girl wants to look beautiful from childhood, so you need to attach great importance to her hairstyle. There are tons of options for long hair, so choose the right styling for the different events and ages of young fashionistas.

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