Hairstyles with bangs for long hair: 100 photos of stylish ideas


  1. Types of bangs
  2. How to choose
  3. Cascade with bangs
  4. Ladder
  5. Layered hairstyles
  6. Straight hair
  7. Curly hair
  8. Hairstyles with a bun
  9. Ponytail
  10. Fashionable weaving

Shiny and healthy hair is the wealth and pride of every young lady. This is not only admiring glances and attention, but also a great opportunity to perform any hairstyle you like. In addition, long hair is wonderfully combined with bangs, without which many women of fashion cannot imagine their image. Bangs today are not just a fashion trend that can refresh and diversify any hairstyle. Such a detail is able to skillfully emphasize natural data and correct some shortcomings, if any. In addition, due to the wide variety of types of bangs, such an element can be easily matched to any type of face. We have collected the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair with bangs in the material below.

Types of bangs

Today there are many types of bangs and every owner of long hair who prefers to complement her hairstyle with such a detail will easily find the ideal option for herself. Smooth bangs are considered the most common, and due to their straight cut, they perfectly complement simple hairstyles. The optimal length is just below the middle of the forehead or brow line. A short bang is sometimes called a baby bang. It can have different shapes and does not exceed the length below the middle of the forehead.

Ripped bangs have matching edges and look good with layered hairstyles.

The slanting bangs cover part of the forehead and emphasize the oval of the face diagonally.

The length of the elongated edges can reach the cheekbones, the line of the tip of the nose, or reach the chin.

The arched bangs have a rounded appearance and elongated edges on the sides.

Graduated bangs look like a continuation of a torn or layered hairstyle. The lower strands of the bangs in this version do not differ in length from the upper strands of the haircut. The multilayer model has an external resemblance to the previous version, but differs in characteristic teeth along the edge line.

The asymmetrical version has many design ideas. This type of bangs can be short or long, lay on the side, be torn or multi-layered, at the request of the young lady.

Also very popular today is the curtain bangs, which are originally divided into two sides, performed in different lengths and is a continuation of the haircut.

How to choose

Ladies with an elongated and narrow face should be given preference to low bangs, reaching the length of the eyebrows. Chubby young ladies should choose graduated or asymmetrical models that are elongated to the side, which will visually stretch their faces. A square face looks good with layered or oblique bangs that cover the highest point of the cheekbone. Fashionistas with a rectangular face should slightly soften the jawline and the corners of the lower jaw. A torn or oblique bang shape would be a good choice.

When choosing a straight bang, you should slightly twist the ends inward to get a lighter version of the edge line. For beauties with a triangular face, stylists advise to opt for a profiled straight bangs, complement the hairstyle with a “curtain” bang, separated by a right parting, or complement the hairstyle with an oblique or arched model. A small face should not be overloaded with lush or voluminous bangs. A small chin should be opened, and a “double” chin should be hidden by strands falling over the face. If you have close-set eyes, you should try to open your face as much as possible.

Cascade with bangs

A similar idea on long hair looks very attractive and sophisticated. The hairstyle assumes the presence of multi-level sharp transitions, which are easy to fit with a hair dryer and a rounded comb. The cascade uniquely adjusts to any hair structure and face shape, so it will be the perfect solution for every fashionista. Classic, asymmetrical or ragged cascade are just some of the possible variations. The shape of the bangs can also be very diverse, as well as the ways of laying it. In any of the options, the splendor and volume of the strand is provided to you.


At the same time, a simple, feminine and flirtatious ladder, just like the previous proposal, harmoniously decorates any hair structure and is ideal for young ladies with a round, triangular or square face. In a duet with a bang, this idea looks just great, and you can opt for a combination with the classic straight model or opt for the option of oblique and profiled bangs. The whole look with this hairstyle looks fresh and a little flirty.

Layered hairstyles

The characteristic differences of this model are an interesting combination of a voluminous “cap” of short strands and long curls hanging on the back. The top in this case is shaped like a bob or bob and can consist of several smooth or abrupt transitions. It is better to make the bangs in this example thick, with smooth edges.

Straight hair

For young ladies who wear smooth hair, a short and straight model of bangs, eyebrow length or slightly higher, is ideal. This can be a perfectly straight edge line or a slightly rounded version. This idea makes the whole look more youthful and suits almost all ladies.

Curly hair

Girls or women with naturally curly hair sometimes complain a little about the excessive splendor of their long hair. So, based on this, you should select hairstyle models that do not need to be additionally styled, and a profiled bang, just above the eyebrow line, will be an excellent completion of your image.

Hairstyles with a bun

Tied up hair can be a great choice for an evening out or hairstyles for every day. An oblique, straight or elongated bang in this case is a fashionable addition. The bun is wonderfully shaped on straight or curly hair and looks very feminine.


For such styling, you should initially straighten the strands with an iron, and then fix the collected hair high on the crown, on the back of the head or on the side, as you like. The tail can be additionally decorated around the base with braided curls or accessories. At the same time, a straight bang will beautifully highlight the eyes, and an oblique model should be combed back.

Fashionable weaving

Braids have always adorned beautiful ladies, and the design of such beauty on long hair always looks gorgeous. If you are the owner of a short bang, then it is better to give preference to not particularly tight weaves or leave thin strands at the temples free, which looks interesting and flirty. Long or oblique bangs can beautifully complement braids or be directly involved in styling. A spikelet, lush Greek weaves, a side braid are just some of the many ideas that will not go unnoticed.

Stylish bangs are not just a cute addition to your natural wealth – long hair. This is a wonderful way to diversify your hairstyle and make your look more gentle and touching. We hope our examples will help you make the right choice and stay always on top!

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