Simple hairstyles for long hair: 100 photos of the best ideas


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Sometimes there is not enough time to visit the hairdresser, but at the same time you need to look charming and attractive. In such cases, the best option would be to do simple hairstyles for beautiful long hair at home. It is worth noting that, despite the simplicity of styling, they look very beautiful, attractive and sophisticated. Let’s take a look at the very best simple long hair hairstyles for various occasions.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Amazing and beautiful long hair requires special care, so for everyday use it is not enough just to style your hair. So that the length does not interfere with doing your usual things, you can safely perform a convenient and practical bundle. Thus, all curls will be collected.

The Greek hairstyle looks quite simple and beautiful at a given length. When supplemented in the form of hairpins or invisibility, you get a very beautiful everyday styling.

If you want to do a hairstyle with loose hair, then an inverted ponytail would be an excellent option. When laying, only side strands are used, which are twisted into bundles and connected to each other.

Hairstyles for long hair for home

In everyday household chores, it is very important that the hair does not get in the way or distract. For every girl with luxurious long curls, the ponytail is considered the most beloved and versatile hairstyle for home use. This styling has many variations, for example, a plait hairstyle or a French ponytail. Also in the list of the simplest hairstyles for the home is the classic braid or spikelet.

Simple hairstyles with braid and bangs

On long hair, braids look the most graceful and sophisticated. This weaving element diversifies the hairstyle and makes it well-groomed and restrained. Very often there is a bang in a girl’s haircut, so it is best to focus on weaving French voluminous braids. It doesn’t matter which option is chosen: one braid, two or a diagonal braid, they all go well with the presence of bangs. A fairly simple execution of a plait braid will transform and decorate any image. The weaving of the braid waterfall looks very gentle and romantic. This hairstyle will give the girl charm and grace.

Simple hairstyles without bangs

The absence of bangs significantly expands the range of hairstyles with braids for long hair. At the same time, there are quite simple options that you can easily make yourself at a given length. A fairly relevant option is weaving a rim from a braid from one temple to another. Sometimes weaving is carried out from the side to the end of the hair length, and sometimes it ends on the opposite side. A voluminous and lush mohawk braid looks very beautiful, which goes into the tail.

Weaving in the shape of a basket looks incredibly romantic. The collected hairstyle will give the girl austerity, elegance and is perfect for working days. As additions to such hairstyles, you can use ribbons or hairpins with decor. Thus, a modest hairstyle will turn into a festive styling.

Simple evening hairstyles for long hair

An evening outfit requires every element to look incredibly attractive and charming. That is why one should very carefully select not only a dress, accessories, but also a hairstyle. If a girl does not have a lot of free time, then you can do an incredible and sophisticated hairstyle on long hair yourself. The most popular options for an evening out is chic Hollywood curls. Such a charming and delicate styling will make the overall look gentle and romantic. You can lay smooth curls back or on one side. You can supplement the curls with a voluminous fleece on the crown. For solemn events, styling in the Greek style is no less popular; they complement the outfit with modesty and sophistication. For more daring evening looks, choose styling with a fluffy pile and light negligence. An elegant and flirty hairstyle will be the execution of a perfectly smooth ponytail.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

A wedding is the most important and long-awaited day in the life of any girl. It is worth carefully considering every element of your outfit. With regards to hairstyles for long hair, you should pay special attention to a voluminous bun with delicate curls and slight negligence. Sometimes in such a hairstyle there are elements of weaving braids, this gives the bride’s image elegance and charm.

A very fashionable hairstyle – a high bun of light curls, which endow the girl with tenderness and charm. For active wedding festivities, it is best to complete the assembled version of the hairstyle with braids and bouffants. This will help maintain a beautiful and neat look of your hairstyle as long as possible.

Brides with loose and curled long curls will look incredibly beautiful, elegant and feminine. It is best for medium to large curls that are smooth and delicate. As additions, it is fashionable to use fresh flowers in accordance with the tone of the bride’s bouquet, tiara, veil, headband or ribbon. Do not forget about the universal decor in the form of unusual hairpins or hairpins.

Hairstyles for long hair have a wide range of different options to suit different occasions. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to visit beauty salons in order to create comfortable and attractive styling. Many options can be done on your own. We have provided the attention of fashionistas with the best and most practical varieties of beautiful hairstyles for long hair for all occasions, now decide on the images and win the attention of others with your beauty. To diversify the styling, you can safely experiment with the use of decor and decorations.

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