Stylish men’s hairstyles: 100 photos of fashionable styling


  1. Fashion trends
  2. Crop
  3. Hedgehog
  4. Boxing and semi-boxing
  5. Caesar
  6. British
  7. Canadian
  8. Combover
  9. Grunge
  10. Elvis
  11. Cascade
  12. Square
  13. Bob car
  14. Stylish bun

Well-groomed healthy hair and a well-chosen haircut are fundamental to any look. And believe me, modern men pay attention to their appearance no less than beautiful ladies. Stylish and fashionable men’s haircut is considered not only one of the ways of self-expression. She is able to successfully emphasize facial features in the most favorable perspective and turn a shy man into a sexy and self-confident handsome man. What hairstyles this season will guarantee their owner one hundred percent transformation? In our selection with photo examples, we have collected current models of men’s haircuts that are able to perfectly cope with this task.

Fashion trends

Men’s preferences in choosing hairstyles are very diverse, like women’s. Some are comfortable with short hair, others prefer medium lengths of strands, while others collect long curls in bunches and tails. Someone adheres to a strict classic style, someone shaves their temples or comb their hair up. The stylists did not lose sight of these moments and offered hairstyles for every taste. The list of current novelties includes variations of a bob, a practical hedgehog, the famous Canadian and British, a Caesar hairstyle, grunge, elvis, square and many other ideas. It will take a long time to choose, but the result is worth it!


A similar novelty today is honored to open our fashion collection. Crop is a short length haircut with little volume in the bangs and crown. The length of the hair on the back of the head and temples is no more than 3-5 mm, and the strands slightly elongated at the crown are combed up when styling. Depending on model variations and styling preferences, the crop can be graphic or look a little disheveled.


The ease of care of this type of male hairstyle attracts a considerable army of fans. The length of the hair on the crown, back of the head and temples is practically the same, which allows you to wear a hairstyle with or without a side parting. The purpose of styling is to create protruding strands that look a bit like a hedgehog’s needles.

Boxing and semi-boxing

This is a very convenient version of classic sports hairstyles that do not need special styling, like previous models. Boxing implies short hair at the temples and back of the head, and longer hair at the crown. Half boxing differs from boxing by longer hair and a smooth transition from the crown to the temples and back of the head.


This trend also has a place to be on our list of the best, and not only because of its famous name. More and more men today grow beards or wear stubble, and the Caesar hairstyle proposed by stylists complements men’s “unshaven” simply uniquely. Short hair and geometric shapes, namely, well-defined, even corners at the temples and straight or rounded bangs, look masculine and beautiful. Want an example? Pay attention to Timati’s corporate identity.


This hairstyle has not gone out of fashion for many years and can confidently be called universal. A haircut is performed on medium-length hair and is characterized by a smooth transition of the long bangs to shorter temples and the back of the head. The main feature of this model is the combed back and fixed bangs. Don’t be alarmed, modern styling products will do this very well.


This type of men’s haircut will allow you to emphasize the forehead line, although it looks like a British woman. The bangs in this model are slightly shorter and are distinguished by a smooth transition to the crown and a smaller volume. There is no clear separation between the temporal regions and the occiput.


The name of this stylish novelty speaks for itself, because the “imported” word “combover” is translated as “comb”. Ultra-short temples and a slight elongation in the nape are very interestingly combined in a contrasting duet with bangs, the length of which can be from 10 to 15 cm. Hair in this example can be combed back or sideways. A clear parting in the last styling method will only effectively emphasize your original choice.


The elegance and brutality inherent in the stronger sex this season are very interestingly combined in the “grunge” hairstyle. The long bangs in this example smoothly pass from an elongated top to very short and shaved temples in places. The top can be brushed smoothly or left a slight tangle on the hair. Also, fashionable grunge 2020 is effectively complemented by torn strands.


Elvis-style hair styling was considered very fashionable in the 50s and today it is becoming very popular again, because as we know, everything new is well forgotten old. The characteristic features of the model proposed for review is a high-volume, voluminous bangs, which turns into a short hair length at the temples and in the back of the head. For styling, be sure to use fixing agents. Stylish additions in the form of curly shaved temples or a way of laying the top on the side also look very original in a similar retro version.


The beautiful transition of cropped top strands from face to shoulders this season confidently takes one of the leading positions in fashionable men’s hairstyles for long hair. And don’t be surprised. Cascade is not only a woman’s haircut. Masculine facial features are chicly combined with careless strands and a small volume. The male cascade can be supplemented with variations of the bangs or do without it at all. By the way, curly curls in a cascade are the main feature of the fashion season.


The length of the hair in a man’s square can vary from chin to shoulder level. It can be sleek straight hair or layered, asymmetrical hair. A square with an elongated straight or oblique bangs, hair styling on the side with a parting, hair combed to the top and a spectacular “creative mess” looks no less interesting.

Bob car

The male variation of the bob square has crossed out all the smooth lines from its modeling. Only torn and asymmetric strands that stand out from the crowd are in fashion, elegantly complementing the fashionable “negligence”. Shaved whiskeys are also a feature of this stylish offering.

Stylish bun

The male bun or as it is also called “man bun” has several varieties, and can be performed both on straight long hair, and be a stylish addition to many hairstyles with an elongated top. A high or low bun option is relevant for evenly long hair. The original pineapple-style bun at the top of the head will be a stylish decoration for shaved temples.

If you still find it difficult to make the right choice, contact a stylist for help. A hairstyle should not only be included in the list of fashionable novelties, but also ideally complement your image. Get inspired and create your own unique style.

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