Wedding hairstyles for long hair: 100 photos of beautiful ideas


  1. Wedding trends
  2. Wedding tail
  3. Braids and weaving
  4. Stylish bundles
  5. Brushed hairstyles
  6. Harnesses
  7. Naturalness
  8. Enchanting curls
  9. Hairstyles with a veil
  10. Hairstyles with decorations

Each young lady, getting ready to marry, devotes all her free time from work or study to choosing a wedding dress and complementary details, because on the wedding day everything should be perfect. And when, after numerous fittings in wedding salons, a dress and shoes are chosen, makeup and manicure are thought out to the smallest detail, it remains to decide on the styling, which should not only look gorgeous, but also complement the whole image. Owners of long hair are always given more options, but at the same time difficulties arise with the final choice, because all hairstyles are incomparable in their own way. To facilitate this task, we have collected in our material the most relevant examples of wedding styling 2020, and you will find out what stylists recommend to modern brides right now.

Wedding trends

The bride’s hairstyle for long hair this season should be both feminine and incredibly romantic. The list of the most fashionable ideas includes examples with smooth styling, interesting options with light curls, tails, braids, fleece and bunches. Variations of hairstyles with a veil, diadem and various decorations look amazing in a wedding look. Let’s get to know each other better?

Wedding tail

This styling method has become incredibly popular this season, so we confidently put it in the leading position. There are countless variations of this hairstyle. The tail can be placed high on the top of the head, lowered closer to the neck at the back of the head, or drawn on the side. In this case, the bulk of the hair can be smoothly combed or slightly “disheveled”. The fashionable bridal ponytail is perfectly complemented by a voluminous fleece at the top of the head, curled curls, sparkling hairpins, a neat tiara or braids fixed around the base.

Braids and weaving

Hairstyles with braids and braids have always attracted attention and aroused admiration among others, because styling hair in this way can be called a whole art. To complement the wedding bow, the best option would be voluminous or openwork braids with elongated links, a French braid, a spikelet, a waterfall braid or Greek-style braids, decorated with ribbons, flowers or other wedding hair accessories. Braids can be beautifully laid on their side, be an independent decoration or take part in the design of subsequent compositions, for example, combined with a tail or loose curls.

Stylish bundles

It didn’t seem to you. The regular bun, so common in everyday life, is one of the trendy 2020 bridal styling proposals. It can be located high on the crown and formed from a smooth or slightly fluffed tail, or it can be beautifully shaped on the side and consist of voluminous braids. A bridal bun originally decorates smoothly combed hair with a side parting, looks gorgeous on slightly curled hair and can beautifully complement the side braiding at the back of the head. Hairstyle at will, can be complemented with accessories or jewelry.

Brushed hairstyles

Many examples of wedding hairstyles imply the presence of a fleece, and in this case, you should select a type of styling that will not be overloaded with such an element. In most options, the fleece looks restrained and only elegantly transforms the hairstyle, but stylists also do not advise to get involved in this too much. Among the many ideas, one can single out a small fleece in the upper part of the head, which beautifully complements the braid with a waterfall or “malvinka”. No less popular are tails with a fleece, tufts with a fleece and a barely noticeable fleece at the roots, which gives extra volume to hairstyles with loose hair.


Making bridal hairstyles based on tourniquets does not require special skills, but in the end it will be incredibly pleasing with its appearance. This idea allows you to create feminine graceful looks on your hair, including hair tied up in a basket, plaits pinned into a bun and variations of boho-style wedding hairstyles. Bundles of strands create the effect of slight “carelessness” on the hair and can be involved in fixing jewelry or accessories.


Many will consider such an example too simple and not suitable for such a solemn event as a wedding, but we assure you that owners of long hair can confidently afford to demonstrate their natural luxury to their chosen one and guests, which, by the way, not everyone can boast of. The main rule is healthy, well-groomed and clean hair. If you are the mistress of straight and smooth hair, then you should additionally fix the natural effect with an iron. For young ladies with curly curls, you can apply a little styling to their hair to remove excessive “fluffiness”. A neat tiara, a wreath, a pair of sparkling hairpins or a complete lack of jewelry – and you are ready to conquer the heart of your beloved again.

Enchanting curls

Large waves are a wonderful decoration for long hair and huge curls from the distant 40s again gather an army of fans around them, most of whom are brides. The hairstyle is made with little or no volume at the roots. The focus is on the wavy strands. Hair can be interestingly pinned on the side, highlighting the parting and decorate with an accessory.

Hairstyles with a veil

The veil is considered the main wedding attribute of all brides, and thanks to the many variations of this accessory, you can create a very diverse image. The veil can be long in the form of a train or very short and barely reach the shoulders. Embroidered or lace models of veils, options with braid, with a veil, incredibly lush and straight, freely hanging examples look divine. Depending on the type of veil, the accessory is attached to the back or top of the hairstyle. You can also additionally steal a veil with a tiara, hairpin, crown or other decoration of your choice.

Hairstyles with decorations

Even the simplest hairstyle can be transformed and revitalized with a variety of decorations, and a hairstyle for a wedding simply has to be complemented by such details. In this case, you should not only decorate your hair beautifully, but also not overload the image. Today, beautiful brides are offered an incredible number of tiaras, crowns, wreaths, headbands and hairpins, which, thanks to a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, will chicly decorate a strict bun or tail, complement romantic or voluminous curls and beautifully emphasize various weaves or a composition of plaits. All kinds of ribbons, hairpins and invisible hairpins with miniature beads, individual small flowers or larger flower arrangements look very gentle in the hair. Neat hats and veils are also very popular today, which are gracefully attached to the hair and look both flirty and very modest.

The choice of wedding hairstyles for long hair is very difficult, because all models look beautiful and gorgeous, and you only need to choose one. Get inspired by our ideas and be sure to listen to the advice of experts. Stay beautiful and welcome always!

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