Wedding hairstyles for medium hair (100 photos)


  1. Current trends in wedding hairstyles
  2. Fashionable wedding hairstyles with a veil
  3. Stylish hairstyles for the bride with a diadem
  4. Beautiful hairstyles for medium hair with a bun
  5. Loose Medium Hair: Wedding Hairstyles
  6. Original hairstyles with bangs
  7. We select a wedding hairstyle for different face shapes

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in the life of every young lady. On this day, you want to be incredibly charming and beautiful. To create a complete look, special attention is paid to every detail in the bride’s outfit, and one chic wedding dress is not enough. A beautiful and correctly chosen hairstyle plays a key role in this important process, which should complement and complete the entire wedding look. Below, we have put together very interesting ideas for wedding styling for medium length hair, which will definitely please your taste.

Current trends in wedding hairstyles for medium hair length

Every year, wedding hairstyles are being improved and pleasantly surprised by a rich selection of models. Medium length hair is sometimes the most troublesome for brides, because there are many options for hairstyles, and you only need to choose one. Among the current trends are openwork weaving, bunches, curls and braids. No artificial flecks, just naturalness and ease. An airy veil, a flirty veil, tiaras, flowers, stunning hairpins and ribbons – all this can wonderfully decorate your hairstyle this season.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles with a veil

If you like the traditional image of a bride, then you cannot do without the main wedding accessory – veils. There are a lot of ideas for such styling, and the choice of such an attribute largely depends on the hairstyle itself. All kinds of braids and retro styling go very well with a short veil. The buns, complemented by original weaves and careless curls that frame the face, are beautifully complemented by long models. Tight braids look great in a company with single-tiered and simple options.

The two-tiered veil is considered the most common model and will wonderfully adorn lush, well-set wedding hairstyles. A multi-tiered veil looks very impressive, but it will reveal its irresistibility only in a company with voluminous styling, decorated with intricate weaves or additional decorations.

Also very popular lately is the original mantilla veil, decorated with incredibly exquisite lace and a cap veil. Such models are beautiful in themselves and successfully complement the loose, slightly curled curls.

Stylish hairstyles for the bride with a diadem

Young ladies who need a “real” royal styling may well look at one of the options for a wedding hairstyle with a diadem or tiara. In most cases, such an accessory is attached to the hair with a comb or special ties. You can beautifully decorate the forehead line or a high hairstyle with a tiara, you can position the accessory behind or choose an elongated model to decorate the hair along the entire length.

A diadem or tiara is always decorated with a scattering of stones and beads, which affects neither their weight, therefore it is recommended to additionally fasten the jewelry to the hair with hairpins. Due to its amazing variety, such a small detail is able to complement any of the selected hairstyles, and in some looks it perfectly decorates the bride’s hair along with the veil.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a bun

This hairstyle is done on medium-length hair in several ways. You can give preference to the high position of the beam on the head, which will complement the whole image with notes of royalty and grandeur.

You can style your hair in an original low bun using a special roller, which is beautifully wrapped in strands twisted into bundles. Or, alternatively, make a bunch of curled curls. Hair can be combed smoothly and neatly, or you can leave a few strands free and not pull them tightly initially. You can also shift the low bun to the side, which looks no less beautiful.

Medium length loose hair: trendy wedding hairstyles

Healthy and well-groomed hair in itself is an adornment for a woman, and with a well-done styling, it does not need additional accessories at all. But since today we are talking about wedding hairstyles, the addition of various attributes to the hairstyle is simply necessary. Loose hair looks beautiful at medium length, but requires moderation.

If your outfit is rich in sophisticated finishes, then you should only curl the curls slightly so that they fall more naturally over the shoulders. The restrained style of the decoration allows for more lush and complex styling. The most popular today are light large curls or “Hollywood” wave. Also, many young ladies choose smooth and straight hair with an interesting parting arrangement.

Any of the hairstyles with loose hair to medium length looks very good with large wedding accessories in the form of flowers, combs and headbands. Instead of a veil, you can decorate your hairstyle with a veil or a miniature hat.

Original hairstyles with bangs

For many young ladies, bangs are an addition to a haircut, and the overall appearance of the hair largely depends on its condition. If you decide to change the look or length of the bangs, then this should be done a couple of weeks before the celebration, so that the cut hair gets used to the new styling. Straight bangs open up many possibilities and look great with curled strands, bun or shell. A hairstyle with braids will not tolerate unnecessary bells and whistles along the forehead. Long bangs can be beautifully laid in a wave, included in the overall styling or weaving. Slanting bangs are able to decorate any wedding hairstyle, be it loose curls, original weaves, flecks, high or low bun. A shortened bang acts as the most versatile option.

We select a wedding hairstyle for different face shapes: stylist tips and examples

In addition to the style of the wedding dress and the general style of the event, stylists recommend that when choosing a wedding hairstyle, it is imperative to take into account the type of face of the newlywed. For chubby young ladies, asymmetric styling is recommended, hairstyles in which the face is framed by curls, high puffs, voluminous bunches with additional accessories and hairstyles in the Greek style with lush curls or complex weaves laid on the side.

For a square face, all accents should be moved closer to the crown. Stylists advise to give preference to styling with curls just below the cheeks, high hairs, hoops and massive hairpins.

For those whom nature has awarded with a triangular heart-shaped face, you can curl curls from below, stab them beautifully or leave them hanging freely. Long lush bangs and high rounded hairstyles adorn this type of face no less beautifully.

For brides with an oval face type, it is equally beautiful with any styling, the implementation of which does not imply high hairs or tufts. Such hairstyles, unfortunately, can visually extend the oval of the face, and this is not at all good for us.

Medium-length hair can be confidently called a universal material for the embodiment of a wide variety of fantasies. They look wonderful with any type of wedding hairstyle, from smoothly combed buns to lush or complex styling with an abundance of various decor. The most important thing is the grooming and condition of the hair, as well as the combination of your hair with a wedding dress and general wedding theme.

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