Wedding hairstyles with a veil: 100 photos of beautiful styling


  1. Features of a wedding hairstyle with a veil
  2. Hairstyles with a veil for medium hair
  3. Hairstyles with a veil for long hair
  4. Short wedding hairstyles with veil
  5. Bridal hairstyle bun
  6. Wedding hairstyle with flowers and veil

A wedding is the day that many girls have dreamed of since childhood. Everything in it should be perfect, starting with the ceremony and ending with the image that the bride thinks so carefully to the smallest detail. Special attention is always paid to the hairstyle, especially if it is combined with a veil. Therefore, it is important to choose the most suitable option.

Features of wedding hairstyle with veil 2020

If choosing a wedding hairstyle is not difficult, then combining it with a veil is often problematic. This is because the styling in this case may look too bulky. Therefore, stylists recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic nuances that will definitely help you choose the best solution.

First of all, it is worth starting from the type of veil. If you have purchased a fairly simple, laconic veil, then it is better to combine it with a classic hairstyle. It can be elegant low buns, as well as styling based on curls and weaving. It is noteworthy that it is these variations that are most often complemented with various decorations. For example, thin twigs with flowers, beads and other themed decor.

A fluffy dress is mainly combined with a two-tiered veil. Due to this, the wedding image resembles a fairytale princess outfit. As for the hairstyle, it is worth choosing curls of various sizes and shapes. By the way, it is in this case that tiaras will still be appropriate.

A fluffy, tiered veil is not very common in a wedding look. But still, if you like this option, then keep in mind that the hairstyle should be concise. For example, complex styling with a variety of weaves. And of course, a short and unusual veil, veil or mesh is best suited for the owner of short hair.

In addition, when choosing, it is worth considering the shape of the bride’s face. For owners of a round shape, it is better to do high hairstyles that visually correct proportions. Therefore, it is natural that the veil should not be too long and without additional decorations. In turn, we recommend that girls with a square face shape choose more voluminous hairstyles. It can be curls of different diameters, which will add lightness and romance to the image. In this case, the veil should also be without decoration and not shorter than the waist.

Oval and triangular face shapes are considered more versatile. Almost all types of hairstyles are suitable for them, with the exception of too massive and complex options. But at the same time, the veil can be absolutely any, depending on the style of the wedding dress.

Some stylists also suggest considering the type of the bride’s figure. In this case, owners of lush hips are better off choosing a short and rather lush veil. Thanks to this approach, the proportions will look harmonious. A long single-layer veil is best for girls with lush breasts. These nuances will help you choose the right veil and hairstyle to highlight the perfect image of the bride on such an important day.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil for medium hair

Average hair length is rightfully considered the most versatile. You can implement absolutely any hairstyle on them. Among the most popular options for a wedding are bun, curls, and weave-based styling. They are often combined with each other. For example, weaving with curls looks gentle, romantic. An austere bun with a curled strand released immediately becomes more sophisticated. As for the veil, it can also be any. The main thing is that it looks good with the image as a whole.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil for long hair

Luxurious long hair is the property of their owner. Therefore, it is not surprising that on the wedding day the bride wants to demonstrate this beauty to everyone. According to hair stylists, almost any styling will not last too long. In this case, curls are perhaps the most ideal solution. As for the veil, the longest version without decor would be most optimal. She will emphasize femininity and give the image a special lightness.

Short wedding hairstyles with veil

It used to be thought that short hair was definitely not suitable for a wedding hairstyle. Over time, this has changed and now stylists offer many interesting options. This is a voluminous weave with curls and a bun and just loose hair with styling. Of course, veils are not suitable for all options. Therefore, many brides are limited to veils or short pieces with a beautiful decoration.

Wedding hairstyle bun with veil

The most popular among modern brides are hairstyles in the form of a bun. They can look completely different depending on the overall style of the outfit. Someone chooses a low, slightly sloppy version based on curls. This allows you to achieve romance and sophistication of the image. Others like sleek, tight hairstyles. They are preferred by brides with a dress in a classic style. By the way, such hairstyles are often decorated with pearls or similar beads. The veil in this case can be not only single-layer, smooth, but also with lace and other details. The main rule that should be taken into account is that the more fluffy the veil, the easier the styling should be. Otherwise, the image will be too bulky.

Wedding hairstyle with flowers and veil

Often, the bride’s outfit and image are chosen based on the general style of the wedding. For example, boho or rustic is characterized by the presence of an abundance of fresh flowers in the design. Therefore, it is not surprising that the wedding image of the bride in this case will be especially delicate. Easy styling with curls, braids and floral decorations is the best solution you can think of. In turn, the veil can be not only laconic, but also with small lace inserts.

The wedding image of the bride always requires careful thought. Therefore, follow the recommendations, take into account your own vision and then you will be able to choose the most suitable solution for such an important and long-awaited day.

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