Youth men’s hairstyles: 100 stylish styling photos


  1. Actual men’s hairstyles
  2. Haircuts for long hair
  3. Hairstyles for medium hair
  4. Styling short hair

Many young men are very careful about their appearance, especially this is reflected in their hairstyles. Stylish haircuts for men are quite varied and unconventional. This makes it possible to perform the most unusual hairstyles. Youth trends provide an opportunity to choose a suitable option for yourself, depending on the length of the strands and the shape of the face. Let’s look at the most relevant options for young people in more detail.

Actual men’s hairstyles

This year, stylists have pleased the male half with bright and daring ideas for haircuts. Hairstyles with an emphasis on the parietal zone, short temples and gathered bangs at the top are still in fashion. The popularity of short tandem haircuts with a beard or mustache has increased. Hollywood models also returned to fashion. For extraordinary men, a mohawk hairstyle with shaved patterns and patterns on the sides is offered. New products include braids and tails on medium and long hair. You can easily give preference to sporty and classic hairstyles, as well as styles such as grunge, romantic and military.

Men’s haircuts for long hair

Fancy and attractive long haircuts are suitable for men with straight, curly or curly shoulder length hair. For stylish men, hairstyles with extended bangs are an excellent option.

Haircut “Brit”

This is one of the most beloved haircuts of Hollywood stars. This hairstyle is also called “double bob”, as it has multi-layering. The cap is made in the area of ​​the lower jaw line. Another layer of strand falls gently over the shoulders. The razor hairstyle will be the perfect solution for fine hair that needs extra volume. It must be worn with a straight parting, while beautifully framing the face on both sides.

Male extended cascade

Cascade is the best hairstyle for curly long hair below the shoulders. This haircut perfectly creates an elegant hairstyle and is perfect for any face shape. The elongated cascade makes it possible to tame and organize curly hair. This hairstyle will make the male look incredibly stylish. This styling will be a great option for oval and triangular face shapes.

Stylish bun for men

Brutal macho and stylish hipsters simply admire this hairstyle. Tufts on men’s hair are subtly combined with a mustache and beard, and are also suitable for both straight and curly hair. To maintain the length of the hair, they are collected in a knot at the back of the head. If the haircut includes shaved temples, then it is necessary to form a high bun at the back of the head.

Men’s hairstyles for medium hair

Stylists offer a variety of men’s hairstyles for medium hair lengths. They are all different from each other, so young men will surely choose the best option for themselves.

Men’s hairstyle “Oxford”

This classic haircut gets its name from the most famous university and its graduates. This haircut is perfect for men who need to follow a strict watercress code. It is necessary to spend a minimum amount of time to perform such styling. The hairstyle is performed with a laconic parting and long, smoothed bangs on one side. To fix the styling, you can use mousse or a special gel.

Hairstyle “British”

This trendy haircut can successfully complement both youth and classic men’s outfits. Hair on the back of the head and on the sides is cut short to 2 mm. A little above the temples, partings with stripes are performed, which can accentuate the graphic nature of the hairstyle. On the parietal zone and the crown of the head, a length of about 8 cm is preserved. An obligatory element of complementing the British hairstyle is an elongated bang, which is combed to the side or back.

Men’s hairstyle “Bob”

“Bob” is one of the most common and popular hairstyles for medium hair. Most often “bob” is performed on curly hair, because it perfectly structures the strands. At the same time, long bangs go down on the forehead, and the hair is settled in a side parting. The rather voluminous crown is complemented by extended hair up to the neck.

Fashionable men’s hairstyles for short hair

For young men with short hair, modern stylists offer a ton of great hairstyles. You can choose any style: sporty, daring, modern or strict.

Men’s hairstyle “Crop”

This haircut is characterized by some features of hooliganism. The occipital and temporal areas are trimmed either very shortly or completely shaved off. At the crown, the length is kept from 3 to 6 cm. Hair should be laid from the crown towards the forehead. When styling, you can apply mousse or special cream. This will help give the look a slight casualness. Crop hairstyle is a great option for men with thin or thin hair. Sometimes stylists combine a haircut with curly strands.

Men’s haircut “Hedgehog”

A simple and comfortable conscript haircut is still popular with guys. A modern hairstyle is performed under one nozzle no more than 2 mm long. Coarse and curly strands are the most suitable hair structure. The hedgehog is perfect for a variety of clothing styles and requires little maintenance.

Hairstyle “Tennis”

Sporty short haircut. The presence of a bang is characteristic of its implementation. Hair can be styled to one side, directed along hair growth, or raised upward. In this case, the crown zone is cut off with a length of 2-3 cm. The occipital and temporal parts are always slightly shorter, about 1 cm. A smooth transition is made between these zones.

Youth haircuts delight and surprise with their wide range. This makes it possible to choose a suitable and stylish hairstyle for yourself, depending on the features of the face shape or preferred style. We have demonstrated the best options for youth men’s hairstyles, now make your choice and keep up with the trends.

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