Behance, a perfect platform for artists

Some time ago I discovered an online platform for graphic designers called Behance is actually a community of great professionals, of very good artists.

When I start to design I always look for references and usually I enter blogs or Instagram of designers who I follow and I like their work or through Pinterest. However, since I discovered Behance, it is much more useful and comfortable to find references or sources of inspiration.

It is a social network dedicated to graphic designers, it is a fabulous showcase through which designers can show our work, see the work of other great professionals, exchange opinions and even look for work.

Behance cover

How does it work?

Behance works like any other social network:

  1. Register It is very simple, you can do it through email, your Facebook or Google profile.
  2. Customize your profile. You must choose a profile image and also a cover image.
  3. Next you have to upload your projects.

We must bear in mind that it is a totally visual social network, so we have to take care of our wall because it is our letter of introduction to the rest of the community of designers so it is important to do a lot of work.

I’m going to give you three little tips that I think may be useful to you, for me they were:

  • Take a walk around the walls of other designers and take note of how they present their projects. Don’t copy, but yes look for references.
  • Take some good pictures of your projects.
  • Follow a scheme so that all your presentations follow the same line.

From my point of view, if you are a designer there is no doubt, you must have an account on this social network. Designers, illustrators, photographers, cartoonists, advertisers, fashion designers, interior designers, architects, etc. In short, a great community of artists.

Behance Profile

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