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We are in this year 2020 and we are going to emphasize something positive: we have in our hand hundreds of resources for resume templates with which we can present our professional profile in the best of ways.

And although we are not in the best working time for some professions, for many others, such as digital, knowing how to search we can get us a resume template with which to leave well written and presented where we move best and what is our professional profile. Let’s do it with this series of resources of all kinds.

Curriculum templates 24

Curriculum templates 24

East website allows us to download for free and without having to go through any registration page, a good variety of high quality templates in their concept and design. From the page of each template we can download the template in Word and then edit and customize it to our liking from the Microsoft editing program.

If you do not have this program in Windows, we recommend that you use some of their apps for Android and iOS and thus edit your details from a tablet or mobile. With a little patience, you can prepare your professional profile with premium quality templates that are available in all forms.

CV templates – Web



With Zety yes, we are facing an «online resume builder» and in which, thanks to the fact that it is in Spanish, we will be able to define, step by step, each of the most important fields that define our professional profile. This website is well executed so that through its interface we do not miss any important step.

We can select before starting with the editor the type of curriculum vitae that we want to use in order to make the design clear. A creative profile is not the same as an administrative one. In the side panel we have all the sections that make up the template online so we can finally download it. Although the user registration part enters here so that we leave our email and our data. If you don’t feel like going through Word in a mobile app or customizing the template, this online editor works very well.

Zety – Web

Microsoft premium templates

Templates office

We don’t want to overlook the quality of Microsoft’s resume templates through Word. If we happen to have the Microsoft 365 service, we have Word and this means that we have a wide variety of this series of templates to download for free; It is logical that we are facing an annual subscription service that does not exceed € 100, so we can use its cloud storage and office automation to have an exceptional solution.

Since the same Word we have access to those templates to download the curriculum and edit it from your text editing program. A whole payment alternative that can come in handy when you want another type of level; or simply ask a colleague on WhatsApp if they have access to this program so they can let you use it.

Templates Office – Web

Freepik resume templates

Freepik Resume Templates

As we do not return to Freepik, as we did a day ago with Powerpoint templates, and here we do have access to a good lot of free and quality templates to simply change the texts and in a matter of minutes have a good professional profile prepared.

We can make it clear that Freepik is still today one of the sites of free resources, as well as premium, of better quality in all its spectrum. Do not miss its content as it offers all styles with a little patience and knowing how to search. We already put the link to the templates for curriculum vitae.

Freepik resume templates – Web

Classroom CM

Classroom CM

A learning site and as a school for digital marketing and in which in one of his articles we found a list of free high-quality resume templates. We could paste the links right here, but we encourage you to get to know this space and, incidentally, get to know some of the most popular types of curriculum vitae in a great explanation.

To the end of the article in Aula CM you will find the links to Google Drive from where you can download them and thus have on your mobile or computer a great template for that professional profile that you are composing, either in the search for a first job or in the active search to improve the current one after some studies carried out cape.

Classroom CM – Web
Classroom CM example template Classic model – Google Drive

CV Template


We passed by an online resume builder website that is in English, but that we put as an alternative to the rest. We simply choose a template design and start editing each of the fields through the interface for this online website.

From a simple experienceAs long as you speak English, you can even choose the color to customize the template and thus build it afterwards with all the fields where you demonstrate your experience. An interesting website because of how it is made, although it does not stop asking for your data through a registration page. Yes, it does not ask you for any euro in return, so we recommend it as an online template builder for your professional profile.

CV Template – Web



Other website in English that allows us to build our curriculum through a series of steps that are indicated to us. Yes, you have to register to be able to move forward and thus compose our curriculum from your experience.

He boasts that the curricula have been valid for enter the professional sector in large companies. If we take a look at their quality, the truth is that they are not bad at all and they are clean templates in design that emphasize minimalism, although the colors are not lacking. More than 20 resume templates that are quite good and that allow you to access the professional world in a simple and effective way.

BuzzCV – Web


Etsy resume

The popular store of all kinds of content created by the creators themselves that go up to your profile to sell, it also offers hundreds of templates or resume templates. We put this link due to the fact that, although the templates are not free, they are of sufficient quality to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

You already know that in looking for a job you have to know how to differentiate yourself from the rest, and compose a curriculum that differs in design, cleaning of its sections or composition without being heavy, can be key so that we are seen before others. The templates we have on Etsy, the best sellers, They are for about 7 euros, so if you want to differentiate yourself, it can be a great alternative to the rest; especially if you want to spend more time filling out the curriculum instead of composing design and more.

Etsy resume templates – Web



We are in a site belonging to Envato, the marketplace of themes, templates and plugins of everything CMS type very popular and it has a link to downloads of 20 resume templates that we do not want to leave out. You have them available for free and they explain each one so that you can download them without any commitment.

Each one of the 20 templates are of high quality, so we have to choose what type of style, color and shape we want to give greater presence to our professional profile. A renowned and popular space with which to access templates to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Tutsplus templates – Web



The Infojobs job search platform allows us to access 15 templates of curriculum vitae in order to access the job market in the best possible way. The fact that this site is dedicated to employment in Spain already defines well the quality of its templates and how they will serve us perfectly for our mission.

The There are of all types and they are designed for the Spanish market of employment, so we almost made them the best of this series of websites to download quality resume templates. Now it’s time to find a job through your portal.

Infojobs resume templates – Web

First job

First job

East Spanish first job website gives us access to another series of templates or templates not negligible and that we recommend like the previous one from Infojobs. Simple, but effective, they are aimed at the labor market in our country, so do not miss any of them in order to customize the download of the Word file to your liking and making it clear how you want to look for work.

First job – Web


Canva templates

We just finished this list of websites for resume templates with Canva, another of the experts in this of offering high quality content from the online and that also has a template builder; It is still the one that we can use for other types of tasks as we have taught you in other articles here in Creativos Online.

Canva resume templates – Web

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