Hello everyone! I come to tell you about the best web pages (for me), to inspire you, try to enhance your creativity, look for artistic references when developing a project, or just for fun.

It is totally normal that sometimes we feel blocked, or if we are new to the development of artistic or graphic projects we do not know very well where to start getting references and soak up ideas until we find ours. I have brought you a compilation of the pages that I have used for a long time, and continue to use, as they are fantastic. We started!

  1. Pinterest: One of the best-known creative websites in the world par excellence. Whatever you are looking for in your search engine, you will find it, it is an almost mandatory visit page. Drawings, tattoos, graphic design, layout … In addition, you have the possibility of creating your profile, and thus save by folders the publications that you have liked so that they are never lost. As well you can upload your own creations and thus also use Pinterest as a tool to make yourself known.
  2. Behance: Behance is a world-wide web page mainly of graphic designers, in which they create profiles as online portfolio. Entering Behance is like entering a world full of creativity, the talent is overflowing and you could spend hours looking at designs and more designs. In addition, it has a very important plus in its favor and that is that it has a job vacancies section in which you can apply for the position.
  3. Designspiration: Like the previous ones, it is a web page overflowing with very worked and very good quality content. However, in order to register, you have to request an invitation and upload your portfolio, but still without being able to access to be part of the community, always you have the option to see the contents of Designspiration to encourage your ideas.
  4. Domestika: This page is primarily a site to carry out online courses, But like Behance, it allows you to create your own profile, find out about job vacancies, and most importantly in terms of the subject we are dealing with, you can see the projects of the people who upload them, which is a powerful source of inspiration.

Domestika web

I hope you like these pages as much as I like them and they help inspire you!