The access to 3D content creation is getting easier and of those two programs that were everything at the beginning of the century, such as Maya and 3Dmax, now we have a more than powerful Blender.

A free program that is capable of giving us everything we need to create 3D scenes and if we now add a new version, with 2.80, we will continue to increase our possibilitiess about creating very special content.

Blender version 2.80 is characterized by bring us that more centric experience so that whoever comes from another 3D program does not take so long to get to the interface and all that experience of visual elements that allow us to create dynamic scenes.


That is, that Blender in 2.80 redesigns the interface to make it easier to access to those basic options to get started with our renderings, modeling and more. Left click for selection, right click for context menu and quick favorites to access the most used commands.

As well introduces a standardized key command map so that those who come from another program quickly connect to Blender. A more than useful feature to streamline teams and projects as some of the most popular programs are used.


We can also talk about a viewport rebuilt from scratch with a new toolbar and a new rendering engine. The purpose of these changes is to take advantage of the potential of the latest graphics cards to provide a high-quality preview while working on the project.

Finally, you can get to know Eevee, the new renderer Blender 2.80 real-time physics tool. It is valid for both the final frame and the Blender realtime viewport.

There is much more to 2.80 of Blender and that you already have available for free to advance your work in 3D. Don’t miss this Google 3D tool.