Bob Ross: The Fantastic Professor Every Oil Hobbyist Should Know

Bob ross

Do you like to paint in oil but take a long time to finish a work? ¿You want to easily learn to paint magnificent landscapes comfortably from your home, free and with the best teacher? This is your post.

Robert Norman Ross, better known as Bob Ross (1942 – 1995) was an American painter, teacher and presenter who had a great success thanks to the television program of the 80s and 90s, The pleasure of painting or The Joy of Painting.

But it has been in recent years, thanks to YouTube, when the famous Afro-haired teacher has achieved his greatest success, the program being followed by millions of people around the world.

But what is it that makes it so successful?

Paint Happy little trees or Happy trees

His great charisma and soft voice make the motivation to paint extraordinary landscapes grow in anyone, whether they are fond of painting or not. Bob Ross makes you get carried away and treat your mistakes as Happy little accidents or Happy accidents, otherwise the picture will not turn out well. His works evoke the spectacular landscapes of Alaska, where the painter lived many years after emigrating from Florida, being fascinated by the nature of the place. They are full of Happy little trees, or Happy trees, Happy little clouds or Happy clouds, etc.

He learned from a great teacher

His teacher was Bill Alexander, a German painter who presented on television The magic of oil painting, the predecessor program of The pleasure of painting. Ross, who worked as a technician doing medical records in the military, used to watch the show and follow in the footsteps of Bill Alexander. He set out to become like him and painted in his spare time as a disconnect from his job, where he became a first sergeant, which forced him to be a demanding man and harsh with others, which he hated.

Developed the wet-on-wet technique

Being Bill Alexander the forerunner of this technique (although there are painters since the 15th century who have used it, he is recognized for making it famous), Bob Ross brilliantly developed it. It is based on always painting with the wet canvas, superimposing layers of paint without drying (as it is usually painted in traditional techniques), in such a way that the colors merge and create different effects. The basis for this painting is, today, secret. Bob was applying Liquid Clear, a proprietary substance by the same program. It is believed to contain a type of oil that makes colors appear brighter and more colorful.

He painted great works in just half an hour

Bob Ross frame

One of the most shocking features of the television show is that Ross made his spectacular works of art in just… half an hour! Thanks to the wet-on-wet technique, the pictures can be made at high speed, so that they do not dry out so that this technique does not fail. Ross sought in his youth a way of painting that allows you to do a lot of work in a very short time, to sell them later and earn a bonus. The works he carried out during the broadcast of the program were donated to foundations, which auctioned them to support the disadvantaged.

Great charisma

As we said, Bob Ross had great charisma in front of the screen. Not only because of the affection with which he painted his paintings and spoke to the viewer, but also for his demonstration of love for animals. On many shows, Ross would talk to us about protecting the environment and he used to bring squirrels and other animals on set, to educate people about the importance of conserving nature.

Today, there is a school that bears his name that certifies teachers who develop their techniques around the world. What is certain is that anyone can have fun and relax painting with Bob Ross.

What are you waiting for to start painting in oil like a true artist?

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