Buchanan Banksy

One of the biggest mysteries we face today in the art world is find out who is behind Banksy. In other words, what are the name and surnames of this artist that these days even the rumor has fallen that it was Neil Buchanan from Art Attack.

And although the same Buchanan comes to the fore to deny such a rumor, for sure, and from what we have learned in recent years, Banksy himself would not come out to announce it. Perhaps we even remain with the mystery as it happened with those pseudonyms of centuries ago and that it was a way of “hiding”.

Neil Buchanan is alright known in the UK for presenting Art Attack. And the very idea that Buchanan himself comes out to deny it leads many to wonder that Banksy himself would never say in public that he is the same. It is easy to understand.

If we go to the talent of Buchanan from the 90s could be a perfect fit in that great use of the graphic message by Banksy and that would fit in later years; You have to realize that Banksy has been in recent years when he has become a popular character, but before they have spent many years with his art in the streets.

Are many tweets related these days to Buchanan and his possible suspicion that he is behind Banksy. It will surely take us a long time to find out; especially when we have even seen him in the London Underground doing his thing a few months ago; or this other perspective of seeing what the toilets have been to the current pandemic we are experiencing.

Be that as it may, we are left with the mystery and that also gives a special air to everything related to Banksy.