The producer of the ESDIP art school and director Salva Simó have given life to Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles and that has been preselected for the Oscars. A moment to get in touch with Spanish animation and how it is being recognized internationally.

A film directed by Salvador Simó and what is the film adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. A title by Fermín Solís and that puts us at that moment in which Buñuel was putting aside the most surrealist cinema to open up to the most social.

A film on its way to the Oscars in the feature film category and that it is the result of the work of Salva Simó and Manuel Cristobal with the ESDIP production company; an art school where different disciplines related to graphic creation such as illustration, animation cinema and more are taught, and that from here I openly recommend for being a student of it in his day.

This movie recreates Buñuel’s documentary «Las Hurdes. Land without bread » and it already comes with the endorsement of the recognition of international animation festivals such as Annecy a Los Angeles.


The documentary takes us to the decisive moment in Buñuel’s life in which he is in the decision to abandon surrealism to go to the more social cinema. A documentary in which we have Luis Buñuel as the great protagonist and in which you can appreciate the creativity and spirit of this magnificent film director.

One of the Spanish characters of the 20th century and that he knew how to show part of that more real Spain in his cinema. An unavoidable date for the night of the Oscars if everything goes smoothly and reaches the final gala. All the luck in the world from these lines; We leave you with Bao, who received the Oscar for best short.