Burker King’s “order your order” masks that surprise

Masks order your Burker King order

No, they are not in Spanish and they are in English, but it is perfectly understood that we can call them as bizarre and daring face masks by Burker King, since simply in the text they put the order that you would make when you show up at the counter of one of their fast food stores.

This is the Burker King’s marketing campaign in these pandemic days in a European country, Belgium. It is Burger King Belgium that is offering these so-called ‘safe ordering masks’ in which an order can be read in English.

Now, if they were in a language that we did not know very well, they would have their one, but clearly it is an order in which the client can request a Double Whopper, always with the word please so that we are as polite as possible.

And of all masks we have seen are the most bizarre possible; since we are left with those that Walt Disney has marketed in these summer days and that brings us very cute and entertaining characters, or these that are already a bit strange of an artist.

Is the Buzzan agency the culprit of this advertising campaign to which thousands of followers have responded to a post on Facebook inviting them to comment with their favorite order. And of all of them, 500 will receive a personalized mask with their favorite order.

An idea that gets more creative as you delve into it, although it is still an advertisement for the brand when its well-known fast food dishes appear and which at some point we have all passed. We leave you with these hypnotic images of McDonald’s to make it clear that they are always looking for something different and creative to give this type of fast food restaurants the note.

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