Caltra is another alternative to Trello, that collaborative tool in which you can work with teams to meet objectives, projects or companies, and that comes with the desire to remove those quota of users who seek a more concise to their daily things instead of working for teams.

As they define themselves, it is a “Trello” for humans and that comes to achieve our personal goals. Let’s say Caltra is all about planning, execution, and wellness. And the truth is that it is appreciated that it deals with well-being, because the rest of the tools for managing tasks and projects are based on the other two premises.

We distinguish to the execution of Caltra by helping to get a workflow so that tasks are passed from one day to the next when they are completed. The theme of well-being is given in order to encourage users to finish their goals.


Caltra is also characterized by the repeat task function and that we can thus integrate weekly into our workflow and what is the linking of tasks with specific objectives. So it is a “Trello”, but dedicated to personal goals instead of those group when we get into a project with a team.

It is very clear that these types of solutions are becoming more specialized, like Slack with that massive update, to specify a niche of users who find that it is a more dedicated app for their things.

A example is well-being when the achievements are visualized as if it were a kind of stamp in gratitude for a goal achieved. And without any doubt it becomes a solution to attack Trello in its midst when it has become a necessity for many companies and projects.

Don’t delay in using Caltra on your PC, as at the moment it has no versions for Android or iOS.