Campaign against animal abandonment on vacations carried out by Estudio Yinsen

During the holidays it is very common for people to abandon their pets, honestly it is something that I have never understood or will understand, and much less since I have a pet in my life.

Last July, while walking I saw a advertising campaign carried out by the Valencia City Council against animal abandonment in summer holidays that I really liked. I would describe it as clear, concise and direct.

Lorena Sayavera and María Pradera, from the Yinsen studio, have been in charge of carrying out this campaign against animal abandonment.

It is a series of photographs where in each one of them a single pet appears, or a dog or a cat, in the middle of the image. The photograph is in black and white, the animal is located in the center surrounded by a totally white background, which gives the whole a strong drama. The image manages to convey a feeling of loneliness and abandonment.

But this is not all, each of these images are accompanied by very clear and direct texts:

“Don’t give up. Who loses a friend, loses a treasure ”.

Do not abandon campaign posters

Definitely, They have made a nod to Bill Bernbach’s well-known “Think Small” commercial. Taking advantage of the negative blank space of the composition, thus drawing the viewer’s attention to the central element in black and forcing the citizen to draw attention to reading the text, in large print, with a clear, concise and direct message. This campaign, carried out to launch Volkswagen in the US market, was once very successful.

Think Small concept posters

From my point of view, I believe that the intended objective has been achieved, at least it has managed to draw my attention and awaken feelings of rejection in the face of abandonment.

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