You will surely hate and love hot.kenobi for that great ability he has to take those figures of your favorite characters and that remain in the collection of many, and make them seem like they are in full action or even alive.

And so it is, hot.kenobi is a Japanese photographer who had the great idea of ​​taking these figures from collectors and capture them with your camera. That is, he composes scenes that seem taken from an animated film or even from one of the series.

Kenobi takes those superheroes, to Goku from Dragon Ball or Batman himself, and he puts them in funny scenes where each one is telling a little story or being part of an even bigger one.


We can see how Batman lets a kitten tuck himself in his cape with a slightly serious demeanor, or like one of those superheroes jumps just as fast as his pet when he runs.


Or that Spiderman taking electric guitar in hand to form a group with the protagonists of the Guardians of Space. A series of photographs more than well worked and that show us how original it can be to see Goku stamping a small spear on a Coca Cola can; by the way, do not miss this advertising of the brand of high calorie drinks.


We can almost say that this Japanese photographer leaves no headless puppet And it is an innovative bet to spend a pleasant time observing the details of that large number of photographs that fill your profile on Instagram.


You have his Instagram account from this link so that you can follow his publications and neither miss their Instagram Stories where you can see part of your job and how you do it. An interesting bet on the part of this artist and who does not lack all kinds of collectible figures.