What can we say that we do not know about the use that can be given to logos. Hence the creator of The Punisher stood up to claim his logo skull for #blackslivesmatter.

We are talking about the creator of The Punisher, the vigilante who appeared in the spiderman comic back in 1974, and that its image or logo has been used on rare occasions by groups of all kinds. Even in the Iraq war it was used as an unofficial symbol of the American military.

The curious thing about these days, and that we already know from Banksy, is that this image of the skull has been used by police officers who go in against the #blacklivesmatter movement. So Gerry Conway, creator of Punisher, has created a campaign to reclaim the skull as a symbol of justice for #blackslivematter.


In fact, the Punisher co-creator has released Skulls for Justice, a t-shirt charity drive, with all proceeds going to #blacklivesmatter. This campaign began when Conway posted a message on his Twitter account encouraging young artists to lend their talents to the project. We already have the results with an iconic shirt with a very striking and authentic logo.

In fact there is already the store where you can buy the shirt for the full benefits come to #blacklivesmatter. And the best thing is that there are many fans who appreciate that the caravel returns to its usual space, justice and not as it has been used until now.

There is also the controversy of knowing that the Punisher himself he is a character a bit dark in himself, as some are saying. Be that as it may, it is a symbol related to justice.