Create content now with Telescope, a new platform


WordPress has become the quintessential platform of publication. But you always have to give new opportunities to other platforms that want to make a place to take advantage of those hollow spaces left by the big companies in the sector.

We talk about Telescope as a new publishing tool for web that thanks to its minimalist design and its elegance you may be encouraged to use it, or, at least, try it. An alternative to which we have said as well as many others that have come out in recent years such as Medium.

Telescope uses simplicity to give the user the option to create content pages with nothing more than this. That is, we can forget about those hierarchies seen in others, as it happens in WordPress, and that tends to blur the basic function to which they were lent.


This platform called Telescope we allows to generate simple pages, although with some kind of customization. We talk about labels, customizing links, changing the color theme, or even creating a backup at all times. That copy will allow us to migrate with static html, which makes things easier when moving.

Telescope is available from this link and from the first moment already you can get down to business. And it is nothing else to write so that later they can easily follow us from other platforms such as Telegram.

Let’s say this platform is simply based on creating written content without any fanfare, yes with its minimalism, but it forgets about banners, trackers, cookies and those scripts that usually load pages to reduce their load and worsen the experience of that visitor who has spent a few seconds on it.

By the way, we share another CMS that can be great for you.

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