Create professional videos with commercial licenses with Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create

The popular video platform has launched Vimeo Create, a new app dedicated to creating high-quality videos and benefiting from commercial licenses for the use of video and audio content.

At a time when mobile phones are becoming more and more able to move video clips With greater ease, being able to create videos from one is more than interesting to not need a PC and thus upload high quality content to social networks or even for those videos of companies that are so needed.

Vimeo is popular for that video platform that has always been in the shadow of the great YouTube, but this has not meant that it remains one of the biggest alternatives. Now try to get closer to Adobe Premiere Rush and these others, and their subscription, albeit with the difference of offer professional templates and that commercially licensed video and audio content.

Vimeo Create

That is, from the mobile app only you will have to edit the texts, the company logo and add music or other clips to have professional videos that you can upload later to the networks. The fact that you can access these licenses means that this is not a free app, although it does have a 7-day trial for you to test it in all its magnitude.

It has two paid versions, the pro and the professional. The first for € 24.99 per month and the second for € 64.99. To say that the editing is a bit basic, but enough to mount videos with a great finish with little that we do.

Definitely, Vimeo Create is an interesting app for those who want to edit a video from time to time (through the 7 days free) and those who need a solution that allows them to use their mobile to create content with those commercial licenses for a monthly payment.

Vimeo Create – Download

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