Creative Cloud video audio

More than a few hours ago, Adobe announced everything related to Creative Cloud and those updates. It’s time for all news of video apps that have received new versions.

Among them are Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Character Animator, Media Encoder, and Premiere Rush. We should also expect these updates to provide support for Apple’s ProRes RAW, new creative tools for After Effects, workflow optimization in Character Animator, and general performance improvements.

Adobe makes it clear that because they are adapting to a frequent release of updates, the goal behind it is to respond faster to user needs with a focus on performance and stability, while continuing to provide new features.

These are all related improvements with efficiency in video production:

  • ProRes RAW support in Premiere Pro and After Effects to offer a cross-platform solution for Apple ProRes workflows
  • More graphic workflows in Premiere Pro that include an improved pen with better support for Bezier curves, and that allows greater precision in creating lines and shapes. Filter effects now show attributes that only have keyframes or set parameters
  • Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro– Now it’s faster thanks to Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence technology. Now it is able to reformat and position video automatically with different aspect ratios
  • Hardware encoded in Windows for H.264 and H.265 for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, allowing faster export
  • Support for audio files in Creative Cloud libraries which allows Premiere Pro users to frequently save, organize and share audio assets from the CC panel
  • Curved shape strokes in After Effects

It has also been included more news for Character Animator As an improved timeline management, and for Premiere Rush, you can now automatically change the aspect ratio to 4: 5 to bring videos to Facebook and Instagram. Details in iOS to change cameras, or import media from the file management app.

Much new for many of Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps dedicated to video and audio, and that were added to these others such as Photoshop and Fresco.