Cut paste AR

Cut and paste are part of the software world and it is now part of the spectacular AR technology concept which will make your head explode when you watch the video.

We talk that this concept allows you to take your mobile to take a picture and bring that object directly to the Adobe Photoshop screen. At the moment this Adobe program is being tested to simply leave us engrossed in a technology that could change the way we add elements to editions in this program. Attention to the video.

In a video shared on Twitter, the programmer Cyril Diagne shows how the AR It could allow a user to take a real-world visual using their phone and bring it directly to Photoshop on the desktop.

If in the end it becomes in a reality the code designed by Diagne, it could greatly change workflows. In fact, the same programmer comments that there is a bit of “magic” in the process. The software uses machine learning to separate the object from the surrounding environment, while another separate process is able to detect where the phone is pointing the camera at the laptop.

And while the software is currently a prototypeDiagne has shared the code on Github, so that anyone can experiment with the feature for themselves. At the moment it is available in Photoshop, but it could be used in other programs soon.

Yes it is amazing AR technology that even the team behind Adobe Photoshop He has shared the video showing the operation from his account. It is clear that they are not going to be left behind and will already be contemplating doing something similar or incorporating Diagne into the team so that we will soon have that striking technology. It is clear that the future will be full of surprises with technology.