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I debut in this blog and I wanted to do it talking about an application that I sincerely believe that we should all have, Canva.

I had heard of it but had never tried it until a few months ago, and yes, it’s worth it. At least it has made things much easier for me, especially for those of us who have an ecommerce.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free application that we can download on our mobile or work on it through its website It is a tool designed for all audiences, design professionals or not.

It offers two possibilities:

  • Create your own designs from 0. We can work from a blank sheet in which we can insert geometric figures, texts, backgrounds, images from the image bank that they offer us, such as uploading our own images, etc. and thus be able to create our own designs easily.
  • Create layouts using a variety of templates that offers. And when I speak of a great variety, I mean many, which allow us to work from them and which can even serve as inspiration for our own projects. Obviously in this option we can also insert any tool, text, images, change background, etc.


Canva cover image

These are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Choose the format in which you want to work:
    • RRSS: post for Instagram or Facebook, stories, event covers for Facebook, posts on twitter, graphics for Tumblr, thumbnails for youtube, etc.
    • Documents: letter, letterhead, resume, report, presentations, invoices, memorandum, etc.
    • Personal: cards of all kinds, birthdays, recipes, visit, photo collage, calendar, planner, photo album, book or CD cover, etc.
    • Education: yearbook, report card, bookmark, class certificate, worksheet, index, etc.
    • Marketing: logos, posters, flyers, business cards, etc.
    • Events: invitations, event covers, programs, announcement cards, etc.
    • Ads: leaderboard, wide skyscraper, Facebook ads, etc.
  1. Choose the design you like the most.
  2. Get carried away by creativity and start designing.
  3. Once your design is finished, you just have to download it.
  4. Show the world your design.

A marvel!

Here is a short video that I have made myself, so you can see how in 2 minutes we can create a post for Instagram, you dare?