At first we have not even realized that maybe we’ve been misspelling the letter ‘g’ all our lives Who was going to tell us that that letter could be written as they tell us now? Nobody, but there is a study that clears things up.

Let’s say there is two standard ways to write the lowercase ‘g’, and as recently revealed by a study, hardly anyone is able to write the letter ‘g’ at once; especially what we can see in digital or printed texts.

We are all used to writing the lowercase ‘g’ with the tail open, but there is also another version that is usually used precisely in this typeface here in Creativos Online or in those printed texts. It is precisely what Jon Hopkins University has discovered and has brilliantly called The Demon in the Tails of the ‘G’.

Two fonts g

The funny thing is that only one of 38 people are able to draw that ‘g’ so particular. And even more curious was knowing that the study participants were not able to identify which of the following two ‘g’s are correct.

which is the correct g

In fact only there were 7 who got the correct answer and that we hardly even have to say which one is correct. And if we start with the challenge of drawing them, we find this funny writing of that particular ‘g’.

written g

More than interesting is this study that reviews our writing habits and what we can get to know about the alphabet that our vocabulary understands. It is curious at least and more whenever we focus on new fonts to beautify web pages and blogs; We always have Monotype and its prizes to know the coolest and most interesting fonts of the moment.