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If IKEA surprises many times, it is because of its creative capacity To break the wheel and bring us something different This time it was the free font called Soffa Sans that you can easily understand because it is the most comfortable typeface ever created.

Furniture giant IKEA has launched Soffa Sans as the most comfortable source and that it has been inspired by the same clients who were playing with its tool to create sofas. It is one of those ideas that are capable of creating a trend and that we will surely see in another great brand.

It was in the official IKEA Twitter account where the new fountain was announced and that it is based on an IKEA online tool called VALLENTUNA. This allows you to create your dream sofa by dragging and dropping the different elements that make it up to create your own.

This idea has come from the mere fact that that online tool was used to write messages, so some of the creative minds at IKEA came up with turning it into a free downloadable typeface in a range of colors and sizes from the IKEA website.

Great, yes? And it all comes from keep your senses wide open when your clients use the tools that you put at their disposal. There is no better feedback and better occurrences than those that can come out of those clients who will use those tools in the weirdest possible ways.

It is also capable of have effective communication and a very special relationship that makes your brand unique. We already know that loyalty is more than important in this relationship between brands and customers. A satisfied customer will sell more than all the thousands of euros you can spend on advertising. Don’t miss Noah.