In my last post I talked about the importance of organizing my social networks, something that the truth is being very useful to me and above all I have more time for myself and it is an issue that no longer worries me so much.

In this post I want to tell you about Trello, an application that I started using this week and that is helping me a lot organize my work in general.

I have always been making a list of the tasks that I had to do and I have crossed them out as I was doing them, well, that’s Trello, but on your mobile device. It seems to me a very useful tool as a method of organization and it also offers us many advantages. It also seems like a great tool to use both as a team and individually.

I tell you some of its advantages from my point of view:Trello App

  • Know what are the tasks of our colleaguesIn this way, we will know their workload and we will see if we can help them or if they can help us.
  • Counting time how long it takes to do each project.
  • Obviously, it’s a wonderful organization tool, not only weekly, but also monthly.
  • Allows us cross out tasks every day once done.
  • Can send messages to our colleagues.
  • We can also create different boards, which allows us to have a common board with coworkers and a more personal one, where you can write down the tasks you have to do, such as buying bread.
  • We can create warning alarms.Trello app

As secondary aspects, we can customize the backgrounds of each of our boards with default wallpapers or upload a photo of us.

This is my first week with this application, it can be used through the web or through the application on both the computer and the mobile. Also, you can synchronize it with the calendar, what more could you ask for?