China Coronavirus

Very difficult days that millions of people are living in China and in which there is no lack of courage and fellowship with a cartoon that perfectly expresses those feelings.

East drawing is circulating through networks to encourage and in which you can see how the dry noodle, the characteristic dish of Wuhan and which is the focus city of the coronavirus, is being visited by a wide variety of food colleagues of all types.

We want to share from Creativos Online this illustration in which encourages substituting any of the cartoon foods and who visit the sick noodle, for any of the typical foods of cities around the world.

China Coronavirus

We talk about the Mexican tacos, American hamburger, Spanish paella or Italian pizza. They want to send these drawings to remind the inhabitants of the city of Wuhan that they are not in this fight against a coronavirus for which there is no cure yet and that its affected people are increasing day by day.

From here we want to encourage share your drawings by adding your typical dish from your country and take it to the illustrator’s page on Weibo from this link. We recommend you use the Google Chrome translator to get your drawing or message.

An illustration that perfectly collects the most human of that Wuhan and those dehumanized figures and with which we forget the people behind them. A very important moment to be aware of the day we are in and how we have to put everything of ourselves to join forces.


Still in the distance we can do more than we think. If you draw or design, don’t waste your time and add that typical dish of your country. It is an act that moves.

In my Twitter account I am going to put the illustration with the hashtag #MiFideoVScoronavirus. You can also use the same hashtag in an Instagram Stories as the image that I share and use some of the emoticons with the typical dish.