Cascading bob for medium hair: a photo of 100 creative ideas

The fashion for this hairstyle was introduced by celebrities. Today, graduated bob and bob are very popular women’s haircuts for short and medium hair. A cascading bob for medium hair (see photo below) always has an elegant and well-groomed look, allows you to choose a cascade cascade option for medium hair with or without bangs, style your hair luxuriantly or smoothly. Look at the photo in this collection of how hairstyles look after a bob cascade for medium hair, choose your option. There are about ten haircut options, called a cascading bob.

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An elongated square with a cascade of shortened strands looks gorgeous. You can style your hair in waves, careless strands or perfectly straight – any option for styling a haircut cascade of a bob on medium hair with or without bangs will look just great. How beautiful a cascading bob haircut looks for medium hair, the photos at the end of the article demonstrate very eloquently.


An extension bob provides short hair in the back and elongated strands in the front of the face A cascade haircut for medium hair (rear view in the photo) can even be with a practically shaved back of the head, and the length of the hair on the temples varies from the earlobes to the level of the collarbones. This can be a cascade of a bob for medium hair without bangs, with asymmetrical or torn bangs.

With a bang

A bob haircut for medium hair (photo at the end of the article) with bangs looks more youthful. The bangs can be made straight, oblique, thick or elongated, but always in harmony with the hairstyle. Stylists say that a bang for a haircut for medium hair (photo) a cascade of bob is better to select according to the type of face in order to correct the oval.

Kare – cute and comfortable

The beauty and convenience of a bob cascade hairstyle (photo) for medium hair was appreciated by women of fashion. And no wonder, because it has a lot of advantages:

  • the styling at the base of this haircut can be done independently without the use of flat pads, irons, etc.;
  • the shape of the haircut corrects the oval of the face;
  • suitable for any type of hair, giving it volume;
  • the hairstyle does not deteriorate with regrown strands, you can go to the hairdresser not every month;
  • has many options: a bob cascade for medium hair without bangs, with bangs, with a very short nape, with different lengths of strands in the front.

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