How to draw anime: 100 drawing ideas for beginners ✍

In this article you will find a good hundred ideas on how to draw anime – one of the most popular types of drawings at the moment. Postcards, comics, cartoons – anime-style pictures are everywhere. Therefore, sooner or later, many want to learn how to draw characters from Japanese cartoons or comic culture. Anime-style drawings have a number of features – huge eyes not proportional to the size of the face, smooth lines, elongated bodies. Of course, drawing a beautiful anime is not easy, you may even have to take a lesson and more. But this is for those who want to become a professional. And for fans, the simplest thing is to choose anime pictures for sketching, which are provided in this article.

Material content

Light drawings

For beginners, anime pictures for sketching need to choose black and white, drawn with a simple pencil, without unnecessary details and weighting details. You can see light anime pictures for sketching below and choose the ones that you like the most. By sketching such elementary drawings, you will fill your hand, you will be able to learn how to draw individual parts of the body and faces of anime characters.

Pencil drawings

Anime pencil drawings are the most popular. Drawing always happens in stages – first, general details are drawn with light movements, then contours are drawn, and after that with strokes they create a play of shadows and light. To make successful pencil drawings, anime allows you to sketch existing pictures. You just need to find below the anime pencil drawings you like the templates.

Popular drawings

The most popular anime pictures are, of course, colored. The anime drawing begins with dark outlines that need to be drawn with an ordinary simple pencil. Colors and shades of dark and light are added only later. But this does not mean that black and white drawings are less popular – after all, even with the strokes of an ordinary simple pencil, you can convey a lot. Try to mentally divide anime drawings for sketching into separate parts, and then you will understand how to draw anime in stages so that it turns out no worse than that of professionals! Also below, among the various most popular drawings, you can spy on how to draw an anime body, face, eyes.

Anime breaks records

Now you know how to learn how to draw anime. Anime drawings for sketching in this article are selected for every taste – simple and complex; black and white and bright colors; portraits and storylines. Many people liked the anime style, so we tried to find the most beautiful and popular anime drawings for beginners and put them in this article.


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