How to draw human eyes: 100 ideas how to draw an eye ✍

In fact, it is not difficult to draw a person’s eyes beautifully and correctly, but you will have to try. The drawn eyes should be not only beautiful, but also realistic. It does not matter if these are closed eyes or open ones. It also doesn’t matter whose eyes it is, a girl or a guy. To learn how to draw such drawings, you must first turn to online courses for beginners for help. But it’s not difficult to do it yourself. So read on on how to draw human eyes.

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Light drawings

Pictures of the eyes, which are drawn with simple techniques, can be easily repeated. Drawing is generally an easy task, if you put your soul into it and have fun. In light drawings, shadows are usually not used, and the emphasis is on the eyelashes. But in the pictures it is more complicated: you already need to clearly outline the pupil. On the Internet, you can find a lot of information and instructions on how to draw human eyes. And most importantly, these “helpers” teach you how to make the drawn eye as natural as possible.

Pencil drawings

Many aspiring artists are always eager to learn how to draw a person’s eyes with a pencil in stages. Next, you will see eye pencil drawings. In fact, eyes drawn with a simple pencil have a special appeal and inner strength. The human eye, drawing with a pencil by a professional, will certainly differ from the amateur one. But that is precisely why you need to quickly learn how to draw eyes with a pencil. And pictures for example will help you with this.

Popular drawings

If we have already decided that we are drawing eyes, then you can look at the most popular drawings of this type on the Internet. Thanks to them, you can learn how to draw an eye with this or that technique. In the list of the most popular, you can find not only drawing eyes with a pencil, but also drawn with paints and ink.

Draw eyes without problem

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Many people talk about this, and that is why all artists strive to accurately recreate human eyes on paper. With some effort, it will be pretty easy to learn how to draw perfect eyes.

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