Ideas for LD 2017-2018 🥝 printouts for diary, stickers

If earlier only little girls kept personal diaries, now everyone keeps them, and therefore drawings for LD are considered very popular. Someone draws pictures on their own, someone prefers to print black and white drawings, and someone buys stickers and stickers for their diary or personal diary. It is not so difficult to draw easy drawings on your own, but little girls do not know how to do this or are just learning. To come up with ideas for LD, you just need to look on the Internet. There are many options below that you will like and can add to your planner.

Material content

Light drawings

Cute and beautiful drawings for LD can be found below. There is everything from the simplest drawings to more complex ones. If you are looking for simple drawings for a personal diary, then see this selection. It contains just such cute pictures for a personal diary that both an adult and a child can repeat.

Pencil drawings

Minimalistic and neat drawings in LD are always obtained with a pencil. If you do not know how to draw and are afraid of ruining your diary, draw with a pencil. If anything, it can always be erased. Pictures for sketching in LD can be found below and can be easily repeated with a pencil.

Popular drawings

Black and white printouts for LD can be safely pasted into the diary. You can print popular actresses, or pretty girls, or even magazine covers and color them. Pictures for LD in black and white for printing can be found below. By the way, you can also print stickers for LD.

What to draw in a personal diary

If you are puzzled and do not know what to draw in a personal diary, see the ideas below. You can repeat any of these ideas. For example, it will not be difficult to print these stickers for LD (stickers too) if you do it in a place where you can print stickers. Thus, you can even print your photos and make stickers for your diary out of them. See the options below and design your personal diary beautifully.

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