Evgeny Dubovik is a Russian artist who is capable of carving these sculptures on wood so precise they look like paintings. A great artistic work that we did not want to overlook and thus make you discover his sculptures.

And in fact it runs in the family, since was born in the family of a carpenter, which has allowed him to know the techniques; apart from the fact that his family has worked with wood for several generations: his grandparents made boats and his great-grandparents made mills, churches and more.

Even in these days when the cement rules many buildings As the material to be used and the boats are made of metal, Dubovik has not let himself be carried away and the wood carving has taken him to produce this series of artistic works that do not leave anyone indifferent.


These carvings are almost paintings that can leave us stunned by the quality of the detail and by being so precise stitches. If we talk about what started using the tools at the age of 6 carving. So since he was little he has been developing the carving to get to make these works that we collect in this publication.


His work has been carried out to achieve all kinds of paint ranging from landscapes, ways of life, people, geometric shapes and any other challenge that he faces without any doubts as seen in his works.


We leave you his Instagram to follow the great work of Dubovik and in which one can lose oneself to be captivated by that depth of some of his works. In his own account he shows the working process of each of his works, so you can take a bath in his details; We move on to another artist who works with wood with these exciting sculptures.